27 March 2016

the hollow chocolate bunnies of the apocalypse

These bunnies.
Not the other bunnies.

Getting tired of the election stuff already.
Have been asked to leave 2 cases
Because they only want Trump Nurses.
The patients ask at the door.
I myself try not to discuss such things during wound care.
Denton is kinda a small town - with growing pains.
They ask many questions!

Got a hair cut the other day, and they were playing 
Contemporary Christian Music overhead.
This was at a Super Cuts or Great Clips -
Or was it Sampson and Delilah -
I don't recall. (lol humor)
That might not happen in Dallas

Not Mines

Def not mines!

Office Food

Salad Food
Pork Rinds for Croutons

Breakfast Food

Ibid Food

About ready to retire the bar stool from my kitchen cooking space.
I can now stand up to cook a meal.
The bar stool has served me well.
Now - to clean up the kitchen!

25 March 2016

protein sparing carbs

BP is still good -
Still tweaking the Nootropic stack
To perfectly replicate my beloved Monster Drinks

Made a roast / pork tenderloin 
With Instant Coffee -
OMG it was awesome!

Coffee with Gelatin -
But mostly hot tea

Found out I have HyperMobility 
But I am apparently high functioning -
Just very double jointed. 
I always knew this, but now it has a name.
Having "knock knees" or "locked knees"
Is how the surgeon said I got my TPF.
(Tibial Plateau Fracture)
Much less support for the joints - with HyperMobilty.


Winter is over, and it is time for a hair cut.
I am still trying to tolerate the longer style.
But there is just a day or two between looking ok
And looking unkempt. 

When I was injured, I raised my carb intake to 60 grams per day.
Carbs are "protein sparing," and I had a hard time
Getting help to buy or make food. 
(Let's just say Grub Hub knew me on a first name basis.)
60 probably was not enough to cause inflammation -
And I was already taking Cox Inhibitors / Anti-Inflammatory meds
For pain. So I upped the carbs. And of course, protein.

I never worried about calories. Some days, I had about 800.
Mostly protein, some fat, I ate one meal a day. 
With protein snacks as needed. Anything "ready to eat."
Now that the acute phase of my healing is complete,
I dropped back down to the 20 carb (average range)

Lots of pretty rain -
Looks like mountains - but no - just clouds!

23 March 2016


Now everything is BulletProof

For the Ultra Lazy
Who can't figure out how to make 
Low Carb Wrap

Denton - 

Boom Town Rats stuff 


Near Gordonville -
Had to turn around and come home
Near panic in the country

More WalArt

Pilot Point, Texas

Pilot Point -
A town about to get *slammed*

Fence Art In Denton


Keeping it really simple these days

Cooking for one 

19 March 2016

Till Eulenspiegel's Lustige Streiche

Art work in Denton

This is where Time actually goes -
Or comes from - not sure

Chute, Yea
Glad You're Here 

Justin, Texas

Every one paints everything here
Starving artists and what not - 

So back to Till

Now, Eulenspiegel had this custom whenever he did some mischief 
Where he was unknown: he took chalk or coal 
And drew an owl and a mirror over the door, 
And underneath wrote, in Latin, Hic fuit!
A lovely story from here (link)

Poor Till 

When you start hearing Till Eulinspiegel, (By Strauss, silly)
You know it is Spring - just as surely as 
When you hear Vivaldi - it must be Autumn!

Now - back to work with ye

16 March 2016

7 years low carb

7 years LC and here I get my permanent parking permit

This Tibial Plateau Fracture 
Has been one of the most life-changing events...
And not really in a good way.
Some days I am barely getting by.

Still driving all over the place...
Thank goodness I have a good job that I love -
And don't have to deal with office sociopaths and NutJobs.

Pretty towns

Lots of youthful art

Sugar-Free stuff in all the stores...
7 years ago, this did not exist

I look back on my blog and sometimes cringe! (Mostly)
Sometimes I am amazed at how society has changed...
Keto Diet - BulletProof Coffee
Paleo... LowCarb Paleo
I am glad. But my work here is done.

It is my great joy to help a few people with Diabetes
To learn how to cook the LC way.
Wounds get better faster and people lose weight.
And end up taking much less insulin and medication.

I cheat on my diet and I pay with my blood
Hardly worth it.

Much better option

Pre-Formed Salmon Patties...
Meh - but still amazing that the interest 
In Salmon and Omega 3 is also on the rise.
I remember when I once blogged about it-
And asked 100 nurses what Omega 3 is...
Only 1 nurse could answer....
And she learned about Omega 3 at church....
(They were selling fish oil pills)

So yay - for 7 happy years on LC.
And maintaining a massive weight loss
"At MY age," which I hear more and more often....