27 May 2012

memorial day

Went to the Meyerson to see a concert

Marvin Hamlisch conducted the Dallas Symphony - 
Lots of fun - that guy!

Lots of good food all week...
The busier I get - the tighter my food gets...
I eat much less when I am stressed...
Who knew, eh?

I still think of myself as Zero Carb -
With salads

Not really Zero Carb at al now, is it?

Hmmmm. Snack time.
Butter and a Monster Drink

A Bike Race in Uptown

My best "Are You Kidding Me?" face
Busy busy busy - did I mention BUSY?

Lots of Memorial Day movies on TV
For all the VETS! Yay!

25 May 2012


Went to see Kristin Chenoweth  (link)
Very funny, cute, talented - 
Very good stuff, indeed!

She was at the Winspear in Dallas..
The show went till 11 pm!

With all the hours I've been working,
And then staying up all night seeing Wicked Divas,
I morphed into an old - but cute - 
Toothless Sailor type...

And then when I went home, 
I set the alarm, and it went off right away.
Time to get up!   Inconceivable!

No getting past the monolith...
It knows all...
Back to reality soon... soooooon, I hope!

23 May 2012

diet fail

Steak and Bacon is good for ya...
Well, it's good for me!

Is it really Grass-Fed?
"Pastured"... what a play on words.
The cows are grass fed till they reach 800 pounds. (link)
Then they get fattened up on grains... 
up to 1600 pounds! 
Grain FINISHED.... but in a pasture?

Grilled everything. Ground Beef... 
Hebrew National Beef Hot Dog, Avocado,
and Grilled Sauerkraut!

A good lunch on the go!
My lower fat experiment was soooo horrible 
SO BAD - that I had to stop it after one day.
I'd rather do some Intermittent Fasting
Than drop the fats when I do eat.
My body just can't take the low fat venue.

Of course, protein shakes are a good low fat, low carb meal...
So it accomplishes the same thing. Especially in summer.
I've been doing this from the start. My body likes it very much!
And now that I am working 2 jobs, I do have a shake every day...
Beats not eating at all!

Before and After the Low Fat Experiment
The Protein Shakes accomplish the same thing.
And I've been putting out ketones 24/7.
So it's working for me!

That, and I am busy as a Bee!
Hope your day is great!

21 May 2012

oh happy day

Went to a little function
After work the other day...

Nearby at the local church

Church Ladies

Then went home and had this!

I do love the bacon and eggs
I am trying to adhere to the lower fat -
Moderate protein version of my plan.....
But it is proving to be a challenge to be
Low Carb, Low Fat, and Low Protein.
Too few calories!

But I did lose some skin - from my tan....
So my diet is working!
In love

19 May 2012

no title

Filling that freezer up with meat...
Looks like a frozen bat - it's not!

Got ice cube trays... fancy ones... 

Take my coffee and soup to work

Take my ice and water
I love ice this summer - suddenly!

A few salads a week -
Balsamic Vinegar and MCT Oil dressing

Eggs and Bacon

Steak and Bacon
That's a Red Pepper Slice and some Grilled Onions

Steak Soup -
Broth and a hint of Parmesan Cheese

Peeling arms... there goes my tan/burn
This post has no title - 
Because no title can contain the awesomeness
of an almost all meat-diet!
And how it makes a person feel.
I am working close to a million hours a week.
Not quite - but close.
And when you love what you do, 
AND you have healthy good nutrition,
It seems to be effortless!

17 May 2012

what is the best way to get from ny to la?

Skin for days.... work it on out!
The best way to get from New York to Los Angeles?
Any way you want to get there....
As long as you get there.
If you are not getting there -  it is probably not the best way!

Just an example of getting from "Point A" to "Point B"...
Everyone has a fav route...and the "right way"  
is the way that works! In things like diet, work-outs,
Carbs, no carbs, and sweet potatoes. Or lack thereof.
I know that for me - pulling m own sweet tooth -
WAS and still IS the only way for me to "get there!"

Chopped Sirloin with Sauerkraut

A Salad with my own home made Dressing.
Medium Chain Triglycerides with Balsamic Vinegar
(equal amounts).... then add a dash of Mrs Dash...
To make little bits of flavor... And I added a pinch
(just a pinch) of Splenda to take the top note off
and make it edible...I am trying to pull my sweet tooth - yes!
BUT the food shouldn't bite ya back!

Stocking the new freezer -

Made room for things like Ice and Broth and
Stew - I tend to make a roast once a week or so....
And have some broth every day or so...
Also - what is the use of storing left overs -
If you can't find them?

Love ya - mean it!

I am a true Dallas aficionado... Gosh! I love it soooo!
There is no reason I love it; I just do.
That's why I don't live elsewhere!

15 May 2012

yuk to the yuk yuk yuk

I par-boil the chicken -
Looks better once it cooks a bit, eh?

Goodness - Miss Goldy has a large breast!
This one is 400 grams... 14 ounces!
That is like 30 grams of fat and 120 grams of protein!

Still love the baby foam rollers

Bacon 3 days a week

Bought a freezer from a guy on craigslist....
A guy who does CrossFit, no less!
This will help soooo much with buying better amounts
of beef and stuff...

Off to CrossFit -
So many things are good in my little world!

Got my little heart rate up there for CF...
I don't have my "land legs" and the room is still spinning!
Plus, living in the lap o luxury for a week -
The first day back is always the hardest.

fat cycling diet

A question:
Ketogenic Diets work well for me.
High Fat/Low Carb. Like Atkins.

But even Atkins said that his diet is not an excuse
to gorge ourselves on all the fat we can shove into our mouths.

Like Miss Becky said:  We are not LumberJacks. (link)
We (probably) don't need to eat half a pound of bacon,
Half a case of eggs, half a block of cheese for breakfast every day -
Just because we can. 
And then rinse and repeat for lunch, dinner, and snacks.
All the while waving the LoCarb banner -
And asking ourselves why it isn't working like it once did.

People say we are "Keto-Adapted."
Well, I say that our SAD diet is "Carb-Adapted!"
And not very well! Fats are much better for us than carbs.
Ironic, isn't it?

We can - and do - burn dietary fat for fuel.
But the weight loss comes when we burn stored fat.
We can store fat even if we eat too much fat -
Yes - even on a high fat diet. Obviously.
Burning stored fat is, of course, the goal of any weight loss diet!

But, going low-carb/ low fat, we start to get all sick.
We need fat in our diet; we don't need carbs.
So the elegant answer might be to not go all crazy - 
But just to cut back. A wee little bit.

I ask myself this: "What Would A Regular Person Do?"
Probably not eat globs of butter all day.
Even if it is really good butter.
Would a Regular Person drink quarts of Heavy Whipping Cream?
Whilst standing in front of the fridge? I think not!
High Fat Diets are so filling, we shouldn't need to.
Aye - there's the rub!

So I had an idea. What if there was a plan to
eat less fatty beef (high fat and proud of it)
and meat more chicken and fish (lower fat - with no added butter)?
The protein intake would stay about the same from day to day.
And the extra calories could come from non-starchy veggies.
Like Salads, Green Beans, and Summer Veggies.

It is probably also a very good idea to eat meats of different kinds.
Like Fish, and Chicken, and Pork. And Organ Meats. Bone Broths.
I am not a wild fan of Pork (except for Bacon) so I'll leave that one off.
But a couple of days a week, eat something other than Muscle Meats.

And then my Fellow Cruiser Susan and I came up with a Plan.
We actually had the same idea at the same time.
What if a person "cycled" off of High Fat Meat a few days a week?
And on those days cut the fat way back.
To see if the body would then burn the stored fat.
We are already in Ketosis. 
And in the absence of Carbs, the fat burning would come from 
Stored Fat - not Dietary Fat.

The Low(er) Fat Chicken and Salad Day
75 grams of fat is still not considered Low Fat.
12 grams of Carbs is still under Induction Levels,
So it won't disrupt the so-called Apple Cart.

The Low(er) Fat Fish and Salad Day
The Lower Fat days include a protein shake (no fat)
For one meal. And two cooked meals.
The Regular Fat Beef Day Weighs in at nearly 150 grams of fat.
With Bacon, Eggs, Butter, and Cream.
But No Salad or Protein Drinks on these days.
The goal is to keep Protein moderate.... not high.
So the excess won't convert to glucose - 
And get stored as fat.

Chicken and Salad Day
The Coconut Oil (MCT oil) stays to ensure Ketosis.
It also makes a good salad dressing base.

Tuna and Shrimp are really Low Fat.
65 grams of Dietary Fat a day here.

Beef and Full Fat - Zero Carb
About 150 - 175 grams of fat a day.
That is the zone I thrive in, by the way!

It's really just a sane diet.... I am tired of all things insane.
With variety. A healthy way to eat - mindfully.
I'm already tweaking the numbers - 
This is just a starting point. For example:
25 grams of Protein is a good amount for a meal.
NOT 75 per meal.... and 5 meals - NOT!
But it would still be ok to go up in the protein department.
This plan is moderate protein. Maybe pretty low.
It's ok to go up to 1 g/kg of lean body mass... as they say.
We'll just see! Come on! YAYAYAYAY!