30 November 2020

off we go

Not mine. 
No tree this year. 

Lol the cat fell in the shower today 
With the water on full! 
You’ve never seen a faster cat. 

Le Tits Now! 
(Let It Snow)

Storms a coming. 
Gotta go get the hoses in. 

And probably a financial storm as well. 
Fucking Lame Duck Senate
Went home for the year
Before extending CoVid benefits. 
Millions are suffering. 
America sucks sometimes. 

29 November 2020

hard turkey week

Picked up a few extra hours 
And it cost me some balance. 
Oh well- almost done. 
The family extended their trip
And will now come home 
So I have 2 weeks to fast. 

November was hard. 
It’s hard watching Diaper Don 
Throw his daily baby fit. 
Can’t wait till that shit stain
Leaves The People’s House! 

28 November 2020

walking fool

If you take even an ounce of ETOH
You can count on having 
Messed up sleep 6 hours later. 
I never ever ever knew. 

Moon shot with the 
iPhone 11 night camera 

New touchless thermometer. 
Represents a new era. 
Out with the old. 

Nurse late. Had a snack. 
Doubles and twelves. 
Doubles are 16 hours, BTW 

Getting big! 

The poster child for “Skinny Fat”
And I need to be Fit

Low Carb took me 80% there. 
Fasting took me 90% there. 
Walking is the key. 
Nothing on earth can take the place of walking. 
Every day. 
Even 15 minutes. 

27 November 2020

new year’s day

It’s done. 
No binging means no hangover. 
No food hangover, that is. 

I had a few bites of super spicey chicken. 

Like - no traffic 

Trying to FaceTime. 
Guess what? 
Cat butt! 

Fasting now begins in earnest. 

Not sure I even rolled over once all night. 

Got some more blends
On the Black Friday half price sale. 
It feels like a new start. 
Once the Orange Toddler is gone 
We start to rebuild. 

26 November 2020

t giving

Good days 
100%  on track. 
The crazy cravings are gone. 
And did I mention I’m happy
And doing well. 
(I don’t make $8K a week, though!)
Happy Thanksgiving!

25 November 2020

stone the crows again

In late November?

Maybe a million of them

Starting a fast today. 
My housemate ate my lunch. 
So there ya go. 

But I don’t care. 
I’m perfectly fine. 
I don’t need no stinking lunches! 

24 November 2020


Before and after. 
I worked my ass off
And was too tired to enjoy it. 
I wanted to make a fire 
With piƱon wood. 
But I was too tired to open the door 
- it’s heavy-  and too tired
To climb the stairs  to the patio. 

First Blood!
He had better learn to like it. 
What’s not to like? 

Mommy’s little snuggle bunny. 

On the plus side, 
I slept 10 hours. 
I think there is no correlation between 
Resting heart rate 
And perceived tearfulness. 
I’ve woken up tired 
With a flatline reading. 
And full of intention 
After a restless night. 

I guess it’s all in the mind. 

Oh. And I trimmed my own hair. 
I think it’s kinda cute!