30 November 2019


Thes no such thing 
as a quiet housemate. 

Preparing for a full snake juice fast 
Cut out forbidden carbs and junk. 
No bites. None! 
In a world of pizza and candy, 
You have to be disciplined. 

Bought these months ago. 
No temptation to even open them. 
And I only had a handful. 

Leftover steak. 

3 days work isn’t enough. 
12 hour shifts. 
So full time work isn’t enough. 
Everyone has 2 jobs. 
Keep up. 

29 November 2019

best sleep ever

I have finally achieved perfection 
In the realm of sleep. The rules are:
1) no wine, beer, or booze at all 
2) no food past 6 pm
No caffeine past 4 pm
3) melatonin and magnesium 
Alia-Seltzer for heartburn 
4) walk every day to get
 your daytime heart rate up 
5) be tired as hell. 
You’re welcome. 

Same size, same company-
One fits- one doesn’t. 
Crap. Sending things back 
Is such a hassle. 
First Works Problems. 

Back to Pediatrics. 

Not sure what part of the goat this is. 
But I’m quite sure 
I won’t be having any. 

This- on the other hand-
Yes. Thanks. 
The family no longer offers me sweets. 
That’s good. 

How did your Thanksgiving go? 

Soul-searching times. 
I think I found one. 

I also started a budget. 
Which means tracking. 
No changes first. 
Just tracking. 
Changes come later. 

28 November 2019

a great-full day

Yesterday’s drive to work. 

It’s raining today. 

In case you don’t know
This is what Hospice looks like. 

We have a hard back chair 
But I usually stand. 
Much of the shift. 

Usually 12 hour shifts
Quiet time at the bedside 
Of a dying person. 

The lights are often subdued. 
And it’s quiet. 
The TV is on but not loud enough to hear. 
Just as often, there’s no TV. 

No breaks - it’s just you. 
So I usually fast. 
Or drink a Protein Shake. 
And work on quiet things. 

So today I’m grateful for ...
The Interstellar Blends!
I think that Trinity came 
At just the right time. 

I’m grateful for Low Carb! 
I can’t imagine 10 years have gone by. 
My vision is getting better 
And I’m getting better. 

I’m grateful for Sleeping!
No wine made all the difference. 

I’m grateful for everyone 
Who stops by to check in 
And read here...
Thanks for being here! 

27 November 2019

hospice job

I sleep much better now/
Knowing the decision has been made. 

It’s staffing agency so
I got the job. 
Now- to work the shifts!

A little treat. 
Oh Blanche-
We have rats in the cellar! 

My Blood Glucose 
After a so called treat. 
One hour PP. 
it’s been years since I spiked like that. 
Even when it wasn’t lLow Carb. 
So my healing window is closed. 

2 hours PP
Still not good enough. 
That 1 hour spike in concerning. 

Kitty cat Day 

On the way to the staffing company
A good sign - Hospice 

Corporate America s Finest. 

It’s a huge commitment 
But one I need to do. 
Picking up extra says. 
I still have some credit card debt
Which it like throwing money away. 
I want to be completely free
When I travel. 

26 November 2019

cooking with pete

T bones 

Add fire. 

Creamy Chicken Enchilada Soup
Back to meal prep for the week. 

Pete found these containers 
12 ounce and 16 ounce
In a Restaurant Supply Place. 
No worries if you leave one behind. 

25 November 2019

day off with pete

I was so sleepy 
I fell asleep with the lights on
In my scrubs
With the Apple Watch 
On the charger. 
Woke up at 3 and realized 
What I had done. 

Mornings off are my favorite. 

I thought this was funny 
But it got mixed reviews 
When I showed it to a friend. 
She has a odd sense of humor. 

I do much better 
When I skip it altogether. 
I was starving by evening. 

Pete is coming today 
And is going to help me 
Clean the garage. 
I also have my first
life coach session today.