31 March 2011

two years LoCarb*ing

March 2009 - body

March 2009 - face

July 2009 - body

July 2009 - face

March 2010 -body

March 2010 - face

March 2011 - body

March 2011 - face

The blonde hair - 
Maybe helps lighten up the whole scene!

This next year - and in years to come -
my goal is to be more strong and healthy.

I already eat fairly "clean"
Although not organic -
My usual meal is a big salad and some meat -
More chicken and fish -
But still good amounts of beef and bacon!!

☞(And I forgot to mention- a ton of veggies -
usually roasted - or raw...in the salad!)☜

I do eat processed food - in the form of whey protein....
And every now and then, a "treat" - as in cake or cookies....
By that, I mean only one or twice a year!
Cuz really - there are better "treats"
that are more compatible with a LoCarb Lifestyle!

And water, water, water.

My other goal is to get more serious about fitness.
Now that I have the ability to endure the routines!

My new "motto" is that you can have fitness 
at any age, any weight, any level of health or mobility.

Rolling on the floor laughing
So thanks, my dear Bloggers -
For being with me for two full years of LoCarbing!
And almost two years of blogging!
 (May 2009)
Here's to many more - for all of us!!

This is what people say to me now!
Thanks for reading along!

30 March 2011

a quiet day... and a question

A yummy Tex Mex egg scramble

Still unpacking after a long trip.
The living room is a living mess!

Me and Jody eating BBQ

He showed me his phone with all the apps
and all the things it can do.....

Pretty much that is something I need to look into!

It's cold here in the Dallas area - and kinda drizzly!
We watched You Tube video and laughed and ate 
all day long!

I talked to him for hours about my plans for the future.....
Now that the mules have been ridden,
And the weight has been forgiven.
It's good to have people who you can "bounce" ideas
off of - from time to time...

The Space Blanket I had whilst camping -
keeps ya warm in a hurry!

Still adjusting to the time changes 
and vacation. Still contemplating 
what comes next. I have been given a chance 
to involve myself in something that would take my life
into a different direction - that involves weight loss 
and fitness! On a professional level.
Not to leave Nursing. But to add to it!

I am already doing it, so why not make it "formal,"
and take some classes?  Get Certified. 
As in Certified Personal Trainer.
Or Fitness Trainer. Or Strength Trainer.
I can't think of one good reason not to. 
In fact, only good reasons why I should.
My boss actually suggested it!
I think it would make a great goal.

What do you think?
Any ideas? I love and welcome feedback!
I have already spoken to a few people -
Just would really like some opinions!

29 March 2011

pan handle

It was foggy and cold when I left Amarillo

This path to home is on a US Highway..... not the interstate

Lots of old buildings in very small towns

Memphis, Tx..... you'll also see names like Jolly, 
Canadians, Goodnight, Happy, and Gun Barrel City

I love old buildings that are not in use....

 It's like a passion of mine-

 This town was so small, the hardware store 
was also the drug store and grocery store!

Wow - wonderful eye candy!
And a long drive home - to the Big City

Made tolerable by singing and lip sinking!

Glad you are all here with me!
Thanks for reading!

28 March 2011

big texan

After a picture-perfect sunset

And a late-night cabin kitty call.....

I went to Amarillo's most famous steakhouse....

They've been featured on many shows -
They have a free 72 ounce steak 
for anyone who can eat it in an hour

 They send a limo to pick you up and take you home
so you can enjoy some drinks in the saloon!
(I really wanted to do this, but I thought better of it!) 

So, for breakfast - eggs, bacon and a petite steak
In a skillet - and really good strong coffee!

Great - of course!

Then on the road to come home....
All this time away, I didn't get my daily headache.
The minute I left here to start for home - 
the headache started too!

Home now ....
I actually lost 5 pounds while on vacation!
I had a great time! Thanks for reading along!

palo duro canyon

They have Cow Cabins you can rent per night

Lots of tent places and day hiking, too

That is Light-house Rock....
I'm told it's an great hike up!

Palo Duro Canyon is small enough 
that you can drive to the bottom and hike around

Not like the Grand Canyon where you have to hike back up!

Very beautiful - 
They call it The Grand Canyon of Texas!

The wind was whipping this CowGirl around
So I reckon I'd best take it to the cabin
and get some shut-eye

Shure was purty, though!

Awesome place for hiking and camping!
And close (enough) to home!
Thanks for reading along!

amarillo by morning

A Space Blanket
In a log cabin

Two-tone  coffee by the fire

Used a coffee stirrer for protein powder - 
Because there is no spoon

Cloud formations in the Texas Panhandle

What a great time to sing Patsy Cline !

My first jalapeno - it was hot!


Years ago I almost went to school out here....
So it's back to Dallas on Monday -
The end of an era!
Thanks for reading!