31 December 2013


A New Start!

To eat the carbs -

Or not to eat the carbs....

My love for Sweet Potatoes is epic.
But they do not love me back....
Rather - they do! They stick to me for weeks!

And then I think - Do I really want to go back there?
From a 2x to a medium?
To not being able to walk up a flight of steps - 
Or even tie my shoes? And the answer is always
"Nope! Never going back!"

So it is back (again and even, yes - again)
Dr Robert Atkins would approve!



Any meat, pork, fish, foul, or eggs...
Pretty much any form.
Easy on the Bacon and Processed Meats.

I hope your mouth is watering here!
My goal here to to show that LoCarb 
Is all about eating healthy food -
And lots of it!

Cheese - most kinds - 3 to 4 ounces a day

Salads are always a good bet -
Easy on the Dressing, though!
And no Croutons, of course.

Veggies - about half a cup per serving.
It is easy to list them all,
But in general, avoid starchy ones,
AND things with "sweet" in the name:
Sweet Peas, Sweet Potatoes - not so much.
Sweet Onions, Sweet Peppers - in moderation.

Fats and Oils - all kinds....
Broths - a wonderful addition!
Beverages - watch for carbs!
One packet of Splenda has one carb -
And that stuff likes to creep up on ya!

Watch out for things like 
 Sugar Free Gum (and other SF treats)
Sugar-Free is not always Zero Carb!

Thinking about it -
Looking better, feeling better - 
Cherub is looking a little Chunky these days!

Sooner or later it all comes down to this.
Regardless of the weigh loss plan you choose.
It only happens every. single. time!

So for the next few weeks, 
I will be posting all kinds of Induction Success Stories,
Low Carb Super Star Before and After Pics,
And General Tips and Tricks and Time Savers - 
All LoCarb style!

So it is back to school!
Who is with me?
Come on - it will be fun!

30 December 2013

end of the year

Finally loving the nights

Room Darkening Shades

Bit the Bullet and decided against 
Trying to build the cute little boxes-

And just got the hardware to do it right - right now!

Patio Furniture - 
Nicely done, I might add

Ox Tail Broth - yum

Steak and Shrimp

A Big Spread

A few of these for me - 
Sweet Potato Fries are my Pseudo-Paleo downfall

LC Tex Mex

I call this a "Scramble"
Ground Beef - Tomato (one can) 
Green Beens (one can)
And this has some Cheese (Velveeta, actually) and Rotel in it...
And some Red Wine for deep flavor...
Nary an Onion or Pepper to be found... just Wine and Spices!

Sherri won the ugly sweater contest....
This is one of the cute ones

This is what church looks like in the Big City

This is what it looks like at my place I think

I scored some wonderful things for Christmas -
Thanks, y'all!

Finally getting things done around the apartment
Like my hair - and putting up clothes and drapes -
And Blogging and Reading

It fells really good to get back on top of things!
All the sudden and unwanted changes -
Y'all  I almost lost me on this one...

27 December 2013

new year

People like to give Atkins People 
Salami and Cheese and Nuts... oh myyyy

Yes, I am a Pediatric Nurse -
Why do you ask?

Finally getting better 

A little more energy for things 
Other than sleeping -
Last week I slept 70 hours in a row.
Got up just to eat.. and um... well, you know...

Went to a little spa 

They had little New Age Music
And Teeth Whitening etc.
Facials, Massage, all that jazz

Got my eye brows did...
Finally coming out from the Funk

And a nice salad!

Now I am getting happy about this next year.
I am starting over in A Course In Miracles workbook lessons.
That usually lasts a week or two!
lol... it is a year long study... my bad!

At least I am still in love and enthusiastic about LC!
So there ya go

24 December 2013

merry merry

Merry Merry - everyone!

I got my little nameless patient a little shirt

Sherri came with Stocking gifts!

Cool and tasty LC treats!

The new smaller size outdoor rug (whatever you call it)
Came today... much better fit.
Next project is to fix up the outside space so I can go sit and enjoy it.

So yeah - let's close this year out and get a new one.
Merry Christmas, everyone!