24 November 2011

give carbs a chance

That's all I am sayin'...
Give  peas  carbs a chance.

I am not a carb hater... they just don't 
especially love me!  Well, some more than others.

Berries and cream. Mmmm.
8 or 9 net carbs. And only 4 grams of fructose
for a whole cup of them! Atkins approved.

I do much better with proteins and fats...
which ARE essential... 
than with carbs, which are NOT essential.
We like them, sure - but not one single carb 
is an essential part of any human diet.
[Except that they can be protein sparing.]

Having said that, I do have carbs from time to time.
And not just the salad kind.
But the good old fashioned starchy kind!
I have some kind of veggie almost every day.

I put this lovely Butternut Squash
 in the Cast Iron Dutch Oven with a spoonful of
tallow that I made the other day. Cooked it on LO
for a few hours... like an oven!
Turned it half way through the process.

It was pretty good!

Mixed with cinnamon and butter!

"Let us sing a song of veggies. 
Such beautiful, health-enhancing, varied foods."
Robert C Atkins

Atkins said that? 
Yep. Atkins said that.


  1. I am a big fan of vegetables!

  2. Dr Atkins and I are in good company then!

  3. I'm trying to eat fewer carbs, but they're everywhere! I'm getting rid of the high carb starches and going for the veggie starches! Keeps my blood sugar under control!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Anne, you are always inspiring.

  5. I've been on a curry kick lately. Any winter squash is good mashed and mixed with cream and curry powder and a bit of salt.

  6. That squash looks lovely. Needing to get back on the low carb wagon after yesterday. Focusing on protein today.

  7. hahahahah a couple of years later... Paleo is not for me!!! I like it, but it does not like me! I am going t stay in Phase 1 or 2 for a bit longer... and watch out for the so-called safe starches! The only safe starches for me are the ones I do not eat!


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