30 March 2012

downtown day

Dallas' Finest
Patrolling Downtown on a P3 

Kinda neat

Better than horses.... easier to clean up after, at least

They let me stand on it!

I love Old DownTown Dallas - 
Everything about it - I love!

Decided to take my mind off the things I can not change
And give someone a ride to the bus station

Stopped at Rudolphs Market for some 

What are these relics? lol

Rudolphs has been in business since 1895 (link)

Family owned and operated
Really nice guys!

So much meat!
Of every kind.

Ended up here - with no batteries left on the phone!
So imagine, if you will, a Double Double Protein style...
That's a wrap!
I threw off all the junk like tomatoes and pickles...
Maybe a few bites of lettuce got by... but I still try to be
as close to ZC as possible.
Not sure I ate anything else today. No hunger!

Basically out and about on the town!
And managed to have a little fun along the way!

Hope your day is great!

29 March 2012

coach appreciation day

Cooked up all kinds of Paleo things...
Sweet Potatoes, Broccoli, Peppers, Onions,
And two big Steaks - took them to my coaches for lunch

I was the only one in class tonight at CrossFit

Max HR 166.... Avg HR 112
And good recovery times, too... 
Last week my post -work-out HR was 110

Still loving the Zero Carb Thing....
Brisket and Eggs.... Those are not fries....
They are a couple of peppers left over from the lunch
About an ounce. I didn't even eat them...
Photoshop them out - if only in your mind...

It is amazing to me how fast the weight comes off
when there are zero carbs.
No coffee, still, either... no guarana....
And I feel more than a little depressed at times.
Maybe my body is trying to make it's own stuff.
It's not a true depression (not like a clinical type)
Cuz I have a ton of energy and I feel great, actually.
Just miss coffee... maybe just the IDEA of coffee.
I dunno.... sigh...
Got any extra hugs, send them to:
Garland, Tx - thanks!

28 March 2012

another day

Steak and a few roasted peppers

75 grams is what - less than 3 ounces?
About 4 grams of carbs... more for flavour than for carbs...

Coconut oil.... good for LC dieters all around...
The white one is supposed to be the better one.
I like the yellow one MUCH better.

Left over steak and eggs for breakfast

Sitting outside on a lousy day, soaking up some sun...
My hair looks like a shaggy hippie... almost!

Still walking - getting the HR up there
Max 161 this time... Avg 117...
Treadmill and CrossFit
Still doing what it seems I need to do...
What ever THAT means!

Hope your day is better than mine!

27 March 2012

ketosis dance

Guess what - 
Bikini Butt!
My swim suit came today!
Every day is one day closer to the cruise
Which I've always considered to be a little...
Um.... how you say..... bourgeois?

I don't think so any more.
Took some mental adjusting, though.
Now, I just want to have a good time.

Stocked up on Steaks - they were on sale...
Cheaper than ground beef! Less than $4 a pound.
See... Not bourgeois, either, eh? 
Winking smile

The Ranger, The Cook, and a Hole in the Sky

Some cattle rustler show - got to watch TV - it was a welcome change!

Almost a week on Zero Carb and I am 
FINALLY in ketosis...Yes - I - even I - 
After 3 full years of LoCarb living!
Let this be a lesson to us all, boys and grills...
Some of us are just WAY more slower than others!

Off to CrossFit to change my life....
One little step at a time!

26 March 2012


Steak is cheaper than ground beef this week.
Go figure!

Sometimes the camera angle makes it look like 
Maybe I am 12 months preggers... with twins.
One minute later I look like my old self. Posture?
Maybe I'm a "Changeling"? 
These are the pictures that never make it into the mix! 
Pants falling off... shirt too baggy...
It's still abdominal - camera angle or not!

A VLC diet for me now... way back to just about Zero Carb
for two weeks - Induction!
I go there every time I need to "clean up" a bit...
Couple times a year.... just keeping between the lines!

Still no coffee... no wine.... no carbs!
This is some hot tea. With coconut oil. Yum!

I am finally over the anger phase of thinking that
some people out there can eat whatever they want
and still be ok. I myself can not.
And that is just a fact.

This pre-occupation with all things weight-loss
was quickly becoming a religion for me.
Time to lose my religion!

Protein shake, anyone?
They are pretty damn good.

24 March 2012

fogo de chao

Zeroing In On Health
FB group had a meat up tonight!

Went to Fogo De Chao
In Addison, TX

This group had meat and water - only
And lots of it!

About 15 different Brazilian Cowboys
bring every different kind of meat you could imagine:
Beef, Chicken, Pork, and Lamb.
They cut it at the table - as much as you want!

Except no one wanted the fried banana!

Me and Karen

Lots of pictures were taken!

It has been a long time since I met up with people
and just had such a good time!

Everyone was so gracious and kind -
And very enthusiastic about Zero Carb!
Thanks everyone! I can't wait to "meat up" again!