30 April 2018

o period t period

One great thing about pediatric nursing 
Is that kids love to go outside 
For a walk. Bonus for Nursie! 

When I work my ass off
Oops- I meant A$$...
I get stressed internally. 
Textbook Raynaud’s. 

A love offering from a baby sister. 
Glove Love, I guess. 

My Henna from the other day
Is already fading. 

Blue blockers. 
Also, I limit my night screen exposure 
To just about nothing. 

I have worked like a million
Days in a row. 
Thank you, nurses who call in! 
I’m happy to swoop in and help. 

Last time I worked this many days 
In a row, I was kooky. 
Walking sideways. 
This time, I’m smarter! 

29 April 2018

hot bbq

“I’ll do my eating at the BBQ,”
Said Miss Scarlet - so many years ago. 

And she was right! 
That’s why fasting works so well. 
You can “save up” calories 
For an upcoming feast. 
And / or tone it down a little
Afterward if you overindulge! 

I was invited to a BBQ
At the local Mosque. 
This is sugar cane for a juice drink. 

Every kind of Abaya. 
The Abaya is the dress-like covering 
Women wear. You wear pants with it. 
And sometimes a shirt underneath. 
Some of these are quite ornate! 

Hajab pins

Halal meats, of course. 
And the spices! 
Decidedly Pakistan~esque 

I grew up thinking I didn’t like BBQ
Because it was always spicy! 
Lol. Now I could grill every meal
And be happy. 

In Texas, to “grill”
And to “BBQ”
Means basically the same thing. 

A modern twist -
An insulated carafe!

The very best Beef Jerky 
I have ever tasted. 

I got myself a new Hijab.
For Ramadan. 

The little gathering had the look and feel
Of a Bazaar or Open Market. 

90% of the women wore a Hijab. 
That is like mine, with an open face. 
Every color and pattern and design. 
There were a few Niqabs-
That is with a face covering, 
With mainly just they eyes showing. 
And there were some women 
with no head coverings at all. 

With my visible blonde hair
And no skull cap, 
I was quite the standout! 

Most any time I have gone to 
Christian churches with friends, 
I am basically ignored. 
Or perhaps invisible! 
Here at the Mosque, I was made
To feel perfectly welcome. 
People remembered my name! 
They approached me
With open arms! 
They made sure I had everything 
And anything I needed. 
I can’t wait for Ramadan! 

Two pretty little hijab pins 

I got a Henna design on my hand! 
I had such a good time! 
It was so memorable. 
And I walked like 1800 steps. 

28 April 2018


Cortisol - the “stress hormone” 
Is ramped up when you have coffee. 
Or covfefe. Especially covfefe. 

This is from Girls Gone Strong
Link in the comments to read more. 
When cortisol goes up, 
Blood glucose goes up. 
Your body is in some degree of Fight or Flight. 
Makes sense that it thinks
 you need access to more glucose. 

Here I’m making some herbal tea
With no caffeine. 
Going to try Green Tea. 
No sweetener. 
I broke myself of the habit. 

Not too shabby. 
48 hour fast ending here 
With about 100 calories of cheese 
And 100 calories of salami. 
For your mommy. 

Im in the throes of a 90 hour week. 
Right after I said I wouldn’t do it again. 
This time, I think I got it! 
Maybe the key is motivation. 
What is it for? 
MYbe that is what keeps us going. 

27 April 2018

take one for the team

So. Snaking. 
Down 4 pounds since Monday. 
No doubt water. 

That’s ok! I’ll take it! 
I walked 2200 step according to this. 
On the iPhone, it was like 700 steps. 
I don’t carry the iPhone with me at work. 

After work yesterday, the phone rings. 
It was my beloved company. 
The nurse called for the next day. 
So I “took one for the team”
And am working on my day off. 
The Vacation Team! 

Might as well have a bite 
Since there will be no feasting this week. 

About an ounce of cheese

About an ounce of salami. 
And yes. I scale it out. 
After nearly a decade 
Of Low Carb weight loss and management, 
I still scale it out. 

A new twist on the 12 Steps? 

I did this many hours before. 
But I was like 35 
And I lived 1 mile from my assigned case. 
I spend at least an hour each way
In traffic. Sucky sucky traffic. 

Yours very truly. 
My happy face at work! 

26 April 2018

90 day challenge

48 hour fast on Snake Juice 

Boston Market refeed

This morning’s reading 

Pants falling off

I really need new scrubs. 
I’m an embarrassment to myself. 

Like 3000 steps yesterday. 
Let’s go!
90 days till August -
And a much needed vacation! 

25 April 2018

walking before dawn

I love getting my steps in before work

Auto check out
Checking myself out. 

Let it just rain already. 

Every day this boy wants fresh water. 
From the faucet. 
Or the shower. Or the tub. Or sink. 
Or even the toilet. 
We Diabetic Cats are thirsty ! 

My goal next week is to master the art 
Or even the possibility 
Of taking two walks a day. 
One in the morning. 
Outside, of possible. 
Inside, of not. 
The after work a little work out 
At Planet Firness. 
Still Sanke Jucing since Monday. 

24 April 2018

ending and beginning

I’ve been getting more steps in. 
That’s good!

Actually, I walk the same amount. 
I just capture more steps this way 
Vs the phone step counter 
Sometimes you just look at something 
And say “Nope! I’m done with you!”
And you really don’t want it anymore. 

You don’t long for it. 
You’re not secretly wishing for it. 
You’re past being mad. 
Maybe a little disgusted. 
Like lack of respect. 

Lol. Fun at work. 

This is a Vitamin Vape. 

Vitamin B12

Slowly replacing my large scrubs 
With a medium. 
Tired of having them fall right off. 
Which is a good thing! 

23 April 2018

choose kindness

Interesting weather we’re having!

A sibling of a patient taunting me 
With a carrot cake donut. 
Or so she thought!
I am not a fan of chocolate!
No temptation at all 

I am a fan of Spinach. 
So there’s that. 

Finally work is settled in.