30 September 2013

a wee bit better (a slow start)

A new day - 
A clean slate - 

Peppers growing

Figured out how to do the impossible-
Cook two different things at the same time

So I won't be tempted to eat this kind of thing!

Instead - THIS kind of thing

Sausage, Peppers, Onions, Cheese,
in a muffin tin with one egg per tin
Bake at 350 for 30 minutes!

Low Carb Comfort or Luxury -
Or both!


24 September 2013

ugh ugh ugh

Cookies and Home-Made Banana Bread

Home Made Yeast Bread - it rose!! Wow!

Ugh Ugh  - A Thousand Times Ugh

That is more like it

That is more like it

 That is less like it

The last brownie fell on the floor -
Not even tempted to eat it.
My plan is working!

When you are sick and tired of being sick and tired - 
As they say --- then you change things back - 
With a certain kind of determination!
(Sh!t just got serious!)

More (and less) to come!
I don't want to be a gainer-backer!

21 September 2013

hardest thing ever

Crustless Quiche - helping  Sherri learn to cook -
LC style

Not easy to do when you are always around THIS

15 pizzas!

And THIS happened to me -
I think I broke something in there!

THIS day was nothing but pure FUN

And NO, I did not eat the bread!

Camera Shy!

Our newest staff member

And ME!
Now I am learning how to not give in to the temptation
To even have one bite - when I know it is not for me!
Up till now, I just avoided carbs -
It has taken me all these months to wrap my mind around them being around me!
Wow - making two different meals - being around cake and pie and bread...
Every day is day one - all over again!

11 September 2013

love and war in texas

I have wanted to eat here since forever  (link)

Where the HECK are my glasses?

They make the guac right at the table

DANG - forgot to take a pic of the Wild Boar 
Which was awesome - btw

Looking forward to days off - to go eat somewhere....
YUCK to the Omega 6's...
I am beginning to think all the Omega's are not needed...
BUT that is just me!

09 September 2013

omg omg omg

Cooking the good stuff

Cooking out some moar

More good stuff

Dropping stuff

I hear it this year

Coffee with butter in it

Saw this - thought of Spunky Suzi

Meat galore

It is the bites that get ya -
That, and lack of sleep
(Insomnia, ya know)

Cheese Sammich
Got to swim one last time

Meat Loaf
Recipe from the Civilized Caveman (link)

Fat Bread and Poached Eggs

Spiral slicer works just fine - and is sharp -
Thank you very much

Finally not being tempted to cheat - 
LC is the best thing that ever happened to me!