31 January 2024

the day is here

7 years ago this week, 
I moved out from my apartment 
And into life with strangers 

2012. Wow. Like 12 years ago! 
What a baby I was. 
Plus, cameras didn’t have the pixels 
They do now. lol. 

30 January 2024

fence day

Fence going up 

Trying to get clear. 
Walking and eating NO junk. 
Suddenly there are 
Reeces Peanut Butter Cups 
We have to learn how to be around temptation 
But not give in. 
It’s never worth it. 

PS loving my blanket!! 

29 January 2024


Get my chip for attendance 

Looks like I’m in 
the wrong line of work. 

From Al-Anon

28 January 2024

catching up

Old Nurses is a heating pad 
For the back. Lol. 

I got one to leave at work. 
The nurses fight like piranhas
Over chargers and electronics 

I’ve now been to Abilene
4 times in 6 weeks.  

I love it when cats curl their paws 

Just worked a true double 
16 hours. Amen.