31 December 2011

30 December 2011

more inspiration

From Bellatrix Nutrition on FaceBook!

Occupy your cookies

You had me at "salmon!"
Bundle up, little Alaskan buddies!

Holidays are almost over!
Eat up all the left-overs!

steak day

Happy Steak-adays to you and yours...
Cooked on a camping-type indoor grill...
Made of cast-iron...note the cute lines!

Kissed the grill

And many many more...
Grilled Avocados!

Grilled and fried cheese?
Yes; fried cheese!

Look at the total pufa's.
Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids
7 grams per 1300 calories.
7 x 9 (fat) = 63 calories of pufa
That's about 5% (65) of 1300 total calories.
Keep the total PUFA low and don't worry if 
you occasionally have a gram or two more N6.
Remember that LA (Linoleic Acid) is Essential, too!
Low total PUFA is much more important than 
any Omega 6 to 3 ratio! The half life of some PUFA's are 
so very long.... they are measured in years!

I was getting too much protein.
And too few calories in general.
That's not good! 
All diets should be Medical Grade:
They are not. More are disposable.
Like the lives... and health that they waste!
Low Carb/ low PUFA  is a carful diet...
Not to be taken on lightly!
It pays to be mindful... and careful...
Just more aware of the things we put in our mouths!

29 December 2011

planning for 2012

begin anywhere ....fb style

more good stuff from facebook

santa baby

Another bowl of this yummy chili
No beans, few carbs 

An even more yummy Avocado and a 
slice of Cheese Log

Sockeye Salmon and Dill Cheese

It was good - but I prefer a fillet!

Over 1000 calories and just 4 g PUFA
Regardless of the ratio....the total is fine!
And check it out over 30 carbs!

A Nice Chianti
Goes well with Liver - and Fava Beans, I'm told

Took a trip to see these guys

Oh Santa! You "shouldn't of!"
But I am soooo glad you did!
My very own death - defying Polar F7 Heart Rate Monitor!

By the time you read this, I will be at my new
little job. Fingers crossed! Scrubs ironed.
Lunch packed. And lots of java!

28 December 2011


I made the best chili ever last night.
I took one pound of ground beef...
One pound of ground pork...
You can use anything, really - 
It would be very difficult to mess this up!
Added an onion...
Large can of diced tomatos...
And a small can of tomato paste.
Cooked it on low for a few hours.
No added oils.... they are already in the meats!
I forgot to mention the spices....
Of course I added them!
Garlic, onion powder, cayenne pepper,
chili spices, and Celtic Sea Salt.

Used my trusty Cast-Iron Dutch-Oven.
The one kitchen item I didn't think I would ever use.
And yet - the only one I cook with now!

Lots of good stuff here in this mix.
LOW PUFA - that's good!
You really don't want to over-do the PUFA's.
Good amount of Saturated Fat - that's good, too!
And MUFA's are stellar, as well.

Most people think fats are "bad."
But we are learning to think about things.
Not just to swallow (pun intended) bad information
And blow smoke up our own kilts - 
And pretend that it's raining! (ok!)

Fats are essential to being healthy and alive.
The only "true" EFA (Essential Fatty Acids) are found
in the PUFA family - Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids.
The Omega 3 and 6's...
EPA and DHA (we know this) from the N3.
 LA and AA (20:4 n6) from the Omega 6's.
(For starters)

If you cut your fat intake too low,
your diet .... and your health will fail!
We need the Essential Fatty Acids.
Same with the Saturated fats.
If you get some of them in your diet,
your body won't have to spend energy converting it.
The heart and skeletal muscles use Saturated Fats.
So if you are tired alot, it might not be from
lack of carbs. There are NO minimum daily 
doses of carbs. Carbs are not essential in that way.

It pays to learn all we can!
We spend more time planning a vacation
then we spend planning a menu.
When we should be planning like our lives depend on it!
Cuz guess what - they do!


Don't say you don't have enough time. 
You have exactly the same number of hours per day 
that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michaelangelo, 
Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.
LOVEd this!! 

27 December 2011

carbs day

Bacon and eggs

Need some more hot sauce!

Sweet potato and grilled onion....
Slow-roasted in a cast-iron dutch-oven!
A 5 ounce portion of sweet potatoes
is low in fructose... higher in sugar than a regular potato.
Atkins loved sweet potatoes and starches....
And encouraged people to add them back -
 in 10 gram increments... (link)
when they got to Phase 3... Pre-Maintenance!

My blood sugar was 130 - after one hour.
Then 98 after 2 hours.... 
Then 120 after 4 hours, of all the things.
6 hours later it is 82...
For more on how blood sugar really works,
here is one of my fave links ever: (link)

Good PUFA today... keeping it between the lines.
And up the calories! Was I "Carborexic?"
Or just getting there.... bite by bite....