10 November 2011

dogg days

A lovely day off... just restin'

Might get up - get things done -
Get some chow...

Checking out the neighborhood

Can't wait to get to CrossFit !

Maybe have something to eat....
What IS it - that's my question!

Yep - just hangin' out!
With my LoCarb peeps! And others.
That's you, by the way!
[Thanks FB - for da doggie pics!]


  1. What IS that? It looks like a deflated guinea pig ... or maybe a clown toupee

  2. It's only the cutest puppy you have ever seen!
    He's adorable!

  3. Jumping up and down for Crossfit... so cute!!

    Love these. Just what my mood needed to see right now. :-)


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