31 January 2023

snow day

Snow Day here in lovely 
Dallas Fort Worth. 
Which happens every year now. 
It once was a 3 to 5 year phenomenon. 

Lol this picture. There’s no river
In Downtown Dallas. Just now and then
We get runoff from the Trinity. 
And there’s always Photoshop. Ha!

Remember 2021? The Grid? 
Texas has its own power grid and 
Cruz and Abbot and Costello 
Refuse to upgrade infrastructure 
And instead focus on politics 
And border walls. And re-election. 

Here’s how bad the weather REALLY is. 
Also, please note. 
$9.48 for large cream. 
Name brand. One left. 

This is what happens during the snow. 
People go stark raving mad. 
“Better make a run to the store”

They were just then restocking
A previously empty shelf. 

No meat. Lots of Pork. 
This is a largely Muslim community. 

No junk food. 

Soup. I’m officially tired of soup. 

Watch out! 
Just one. Do NOT binge on these. 

Recommended serving size. 
A rodent bite. 

Round and round and round she goes. 
Where it stops- no body knows. 

I trust the World Health Organization 
They said to limit your sugar to 
8-10 spoons full of free sugar a day. 
And 50 grams (12 teaspoons) total
Carb (sugar) intake per day. 
Good luck with that! 
It’s a start. 

A flatter line, no man has ever known. 
Avast ye Wenches and Scallawags!
Hear Ye Hear Ye!  
This took 3 D9. But I did sleep. . 

My Girl, my Girl
Don’t lie to me tell me where 
did you sleep last night? 
It was pretty cold in The Loft 
So I shivered the whole night long. 
Link to Nirvana

Took a walk after work to get food. 
Many miles! 

I’m so glad to be done with COVID. 
I took extra time off this month
To slow down and get my mind right. 
Count my blessings, play with the cat,
Eat, plan my new blog, and 
Get some walking in. 
So far… so good!

30 January 2023

cold front

Remember 32° is freezing here. 
We call this “Damn Cold” here. 

We call this “Stay the Hell Home”
Weather pattern. 

I’ve lived in North West Kansas
On the High Plains. Hays Ks. 
The wind brings the air off the mountains. 
Wind Chils reached negative 70° below!
I can drive in rough weather. 
I have a Subaru All Wheel Drive. 

But the streets here are made for hot temps. 
They’re thin and break after they freeze. 
And people act a fool on the roads. 

What a good time to plan for vacation! 

I want to camp, glamp, and stay. 
All on the Florida Gulf Side. 
Other than a hour long excursion 
On the Low Carb  Cruise, 
I’ve never seen in the ocean. 
I think I went once also,
When I was 10. So…
Get some fins and a snorkel 
And float with the fishes. 
4 months away. 

Summer vacations are easy 
But this summer I think it will fill up fast. 
I start early and get the very best rates. 

Carnivore Diet 

Please don’t kill the bees. 
My housemate lkills bees. 
He thinks they will sting him. 

Soup  - but mainly to stay warm. 

Crappy Sleep. 
Kept waking up. 
I tried to take Fergus
To cuddle but he’s like 3 feet long by now. 
And when he laid on my head 
(Like he did when he was wee)
We both knew that cuddles
Aren’t going to be. 

OK. I’ve rested. 
House is clean. 
Body is rested. 
Mind is clear. 

I have no idea how this happened. 
But it did. So I saved it. 
This is my Up Down 
Back Forth
In Out 
Yes No 
Good Bad Awe-full  Day - face! 

29 January 2023

tired day

Time for rain. 
I love to listen to the rain. 

Panera Bread Soup 

Beef Nachos with Pork Rinds. 

Took an extra day off every day this month. 
So I’m happy, and pink and ready. 
4 months till vacation. 
Time to plan. 

28 January 2023

much ado about nothing

Hamburger and Green Beans. 

I should feel happy!
Not guilty. Lol. 
I’ve done very little on my days off
No TV either. It’s down. 

27 January 2023

how to be a nurse (1)

Good Eve-en-ing!
Grab some coffee. 
This post turned out to be LONG! 
I hope you enjoy it. 
More to come. 
For Della! 

We think Nursing 
Will be sweet. And happy. 

Well. It can be! 
We have our moments. 

Get ready. It’s not like on TV!
But- what really is? 
Lots of bodily functions 
Get left out of the stories. 
But, in a perfect world, 
we would not need nurses! 

Being a patient in the American 
Health Care System these days
Can be lonely, expensive, and often difficult.
Lots of questions. Lots of pain. Fear. 
Often, Doctors don’t have the answers. 
Our system treats symptoms. 
(More on this later!)

Those sick and hurting people 
are going to need a good nurse! 
Let’s dive right in!

Nursing is great for life. 
You can do every age of life. 
Every condition. Any specialty!
You’ll never be bored in Nursing. 
You’ll never need anything else. 

You could move to a new state,
And be working full time that same week. 
I always knew I would be a Nurse. 
From an early age. Like 4. 
When I got my first Nancy Nurse book. 
My mother worked in Medical Records, 
So I was raised around Doctors and Nurses. 
And Hospitals. And many stories. 

You can work in a National Park,
A Cruise Ship, 
work with Indigenous Peoples,
Corporate, School Nursing …
Clinic, Hospital, Rehab…
The sky isn’t even the limit -
You can do Flight Nursing! 

After graduating, and being deployed, 
I did one year Med-Surg
One year Cardiac
One year Post-Partum
One year Oncology 
One year Psych 
While in a civilian Hospital Float Pool. 
That’s a great way to get 
A well-rounded foundation.
Strive for that. 

I was definitely the persona-non-grata 
My first 3 years. I took shifts that 
Everyone else turned down. 
There are no small parts. Just small actors. 

Free Advice: be prepared to take
Crappy assignments and horrible hours
The first year or so. 
That’s where we learn the most. 
Nurses eat their young, they say…
And these COVID nurses are
Tired and they’re hungry!
There’s no way around it. 
First few years are hard.
Then, with any luck at all,
The Spirit of Florence will whisper 
To you “Good job!” And you’re 
Finally arriving- the inner circle! 
Remain flexible and humble. 
Nurses can be very petty. 
This is a long-term learning curve. 
Be patient. 

I also worked part time in a 
“Nursing Home” so a few years
Of Geriatrics, Geri Phych,
Dementia and Memory Care. 

I’ve done Wound Care. 
I ran a Group Home.  
This is the group home. Fancy. 
Those are my tables. 

Private Pay only. Not Medicare. 
And I’ve been Nurse of the Year 
And Nurse of the Month many times. 

I think of myself as being a Hospice Nurse 
Even now. With Kid and Baby Hospice. 
I’ve done 10 years of Adult Hospice. 
It’s honest. Raw. As real as it gets. 
No room for error or doubt. 
The pain stops here! 
My job is to provide comfort 
on the last days, and hours of life. 
There are some in-patient facilities 
That do hospice, but it’s mostly 
At each person’s home. 
I do the Crisis Care at the bedside. 

I am an LVN. Aka LPN. 
I chose to stay on this level of care,
Because back in the day, 
Officers were RNs
And Sergeants were LVNs. 
One is management. RNs. 
One is Labor. LVNs. 

But it’s not the same nowadays. 
They have a Vocational RN 
That can be earned in 2 years. 
So not a full BSN RN degree. 
The Board doesn’t distinguish 
Between an Associate RN
And a 4 year RN or even MSN. 
The hospitals get more money for working 
An RN as opposed to an LVN. 
So naturally they hire more. 
(More on this later!)

Travel Nursing is hot right now. 
The rates have already started to drop. 
But COVID made a spike! Like 10 fold. 
Travel Nursing is always there for us. 
You’ll need at least a year of experience 
Before you travel. 

35 + years ago, I was a CNA
And live-in caretaker to a rich lady. 
She was young and oh so foolish! 
I took the ASVAB 
[Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery]
and scored in the top 1%!

I was actively recruited by the Army.
And turns out, I was a perfect fit! 
Even though I was 28 years old. 
I went to Combat Medic School (91B)
And the LPN School (91C) 
Then, Operation Desert Shield 
And Operation Desert Storm. 
AKA The Gulf War. 

Humble-Bragging here,
But I earned 2 
Army Achievement Medals. 
Triaging Casualties for one award. 
The second one, I took an assignment 
That no one else wanted. Bam! 💥 
They pinned a First Oak Leaf Cluster 
On my chest. ❤️ next to my heart. 

Give me your hardest cases. 
I thrive on difficult cases. 

I graduated Nursing School in September. 
Sat for the boards in November,
And was deployed in December. 
I was in Germany- not the sandbox-
Because I was part of a General Hospital 
And not a M*A*S*H unit. 
Mobile Army Surgical Hospital. 
Yes. It really is a real thing. 

I was a Squad Leader all through Basic.
Don’t forget-  you have to do real 
Basic Training to join the Army. 
They don’t water it down for the ladies. 
Hand grenades, bivouac, bazookas,
Constant yelling and running. 
Usually in the rain at 4 am. 

Historically, civilian nurses 
were given a HESI. 
[Health and Environmental Science Institute.]
It’s a test of General Knowledge. 
Like basic Grammar. 
Basic math. How to drive 
Through an intersection. 
What spoon to use with soup. 
A lady won’t eat. What can you do? 
And you have to say why. 

I didn’t have to take the HESI. 
We were already EMTs to get in. 
But I think some Schools require it. 
The HESI is to get IN to Nursing. 
The NCLEX is to get out
Of School and becoming a Real Nurse! 
[NCLEX = National Council 
Licensure Examination]

Which will probably be 
the most exciting day of your life! 
The school part is done! 

But really, it’s just getting started. 

In Nursing School, 
we had weekly Pharmacology Tests. 
You were not allowed to miss 
even one question 
On one test one time. 
Or flunk out. 
We had didactics every week,
Clinical Modules,
And of course Clinical Rotations. 
We were up doing PT 
Before dawn every day. 

The Army paid me $600 a month
To go to Nursing School. 
Plus school was free. 
But I had to payback 8 years. 
So not really free per se! 

Every career has its flip side. 
Nursing is hard. 
It’s very hard. Abnormally hard. 
I honestly don’t see how some people pass. 
I see many people that are just in it for the money. 
They do crappy work. And they’re usually bitter. 

I chose Pediatric Home Health 
Years ago because I broke my arm. 
Yes. Fractured Radial Head. 
(It’s that hypermobily. Ugh)
So I took a pediatric case 
“Just for a few weeks.”
I ended up staying 11 years! 
And now I’m back for more. 

Once you get a year or so of training,
You can finally take a kiddo case. 
Home Health, you deal with stable kids. 
But they are also medically fragile. 
And most moms work these days. 
So it’s just you and the kid. 

I get kids with rare obscure illnesses. 
I’ve had several child abuse cases,
Closed-Head Injuries, 
Subdural Hematomas etc 
A Munchausen By Proxy.
Organs born outside the body

They can keep kids alive 
through so many conditions -
They’re so strong and resilient. 
All filled up with stem cells and ready 
And they’re filled with Love. 
All love.