31 March 2019

duck with me

Yep. Up at 330 am. 
Not sure I got the good end of the deal. 

The weekend case I have
Is so poorly managed,
So dirty, so unorganized...
I finally took my frustrations out
By cleaning up the room. 

Mom bought a used dresser 
From Marketplace. 

I moved it into place, 
And organized all the stuff. 
Every thing. 
It took hours. 

After I cleaned all the stuff
 from under the sink 
In the bathroom I use. 

I guess all this cleaning is a metaphor. 
Ha! I even cleaned out the freezer! 

Everyone and everything 
That is just sitting around- 
Is gone. 
It can be useful-
Or just pretty. 
(I’m no minimalist!)
But redundant or useless 
Must go. 

A curious cat. 
I think he’s gonna have 
the “cat runs” after licking 
out a can of chili. 

My new philosophy. 

It does no good to directly confront an adult. 
They get Defensive. 
Or Passive-Agressive. 

Most people have no idea how to 
Talk to another adultwithout slipping into 
A “Parent” role. 
That’s scolding. 
I’m beholden to no one on earth. 
And I won’t be scolded. 

Corrected- yes. 
Punished - no. 
Scolded - no. 

It does some good to phrase 
“Sensitive Issues”
In the form of a question. 
Like “Would it be ok with you
If I ... x...y...z...?”

I had one friend who “shut down”
When confronted - about anything serious. 
I ask myself “What is the payoff for her?”
The behavior must work 
Or she wouldn’t still do it. 

We keep things that have a payoff. 
Or imagined payoff. 

I’ve got this pesky itch! 
So hard to reach 

I’m very very very happy
To be over the hump. 

30 March 2019


Love the rain. 

Hate the traffic. 
This trip usually takes 20 minutes. 
30- max. 
Here it’s almost an hour. 

Guess who gets to vacate on vacation 
In a mere 18 days? 

A children’s hospital on Dallas. 

The single most important thing
You will read today. 
Or any day. 

I am done with people taking problems 
Out on me. 

Don’t know where I’ll go-
But I’ll walk away for sure. 

Got up at 6 am to clean- again. 
Organize- really. 
Once that’s done,
It’s easy to keep clean. 

Why yes. As a matter of fact, 
I AM mewing. Right now. 
Right Meow. 

29 March 2019

oh happy reuteri day

As hard as I work at sleeping 
I should be a champ by now. 

Every now and then, a real- live hero comes along. 
Dr Robert Atkins is one of mine. 
And so is Dr William Davis
Wheat Belly. 

On his blog, he has talked about 
the advantages of this particular probiotic. 
Lactobacillus Reuteri. 

Also Primadophillus Reuteri. 

De Davis gave a recipe for yogurt, 
Using this culture. 
I never got around to making the yogurt. 
But I have started taking the supplement. 

This one product has helped me 
More than any other single change 
I have made in my daily regime. 

I take it- I feel good. 
I miss it- I feel lousy. 

For me, it’s the missing link to health. 
Well, this, and fasting. 
And keeping low carb. 
The holy trinity of what my body likes.

So thanks, Dr Davis! 
I can’t wait to make the yogurt. 
It’s supposed to be every stronger, 
More effective, and better absorbed. 

Oh yeah... 19 days! 

28 March 2019

ha ha ha

Woke up with no time to spare. 
Lol. No wonder I felt so well-rested! 
I was agog (and agashed?)
 to see it was 6 am. 

WRR, Dallas’ Classical Radio Station
Was playing Beethoven’s 5th
-The Finally-
And I tell you- traffic parted, 
all lanes were clear, 
and I got to work early. 
Just like in the movie Bruce Almighty. 

Pete and I got the putrid, 
waterlogged (stinky) bird seed 
Scrubbed off from the patio. 

A little more to do 
and the house will be ready for 
1) houseguests 
2) vacation 
3) Elaine coming home
4) Cat Inspection 
You know how picky they can be! 

Pete and I went for Chinese Buffet. 
I am absolutely in love with 
“Shanghai Chicken..”
It was like Seschwan Chicken,
But it had a slight hint of
Nutmeg and Cinnamon. 

Pictures are not working on Blogspot today. 
I guess Google has forgotten their offspring. 

So imagine a plate of low carb goodness...
Happy portions...
Piping hot...
And some hot Jasmine Tea...
I’m sure the sauce wasn’t LC. 
But nothing breaded-
And I even threw in some veggies. 

I’m probably going to do 
Some Snaking this week. 
In preparation for my trip.
Double the walking. 

Another picture. 
Imagine my little Pixie Bob
Haircut and me smiling, 
Playing with the cats, 
Having a cup of coffee. 
Yep. That’s me! 

27 March 2019

yearly stuff

In preparation for my trip 
-and after my bragging about Peaty Scotch-
I was gifted this gem. 
Ardberg 10. 
A Peat Monster! 

Demographics say that more women
“Of a certain age” are now liking Smoky Scotch. 
So much so that it’s now marketed toward us. 

One review of Ardbeg 10 
said it’s like a drinking Road Tar, 
with hints of BandAid. 
But it’s very well received
And people love it. 

As a Medical Professional,
Here is my take on having a cold:

It will last a week if you treat it. 
And 7 days if you don’t. 

Lol. Actually, it’s more like 10 days. 

So I’m no longer sounding
Like I’m coughing up a lung. 

I find that even an ounce of alcohol- or less
Keeps me from having a restful sleep. 
It stays in my system for about 6 hours
Then drops off. 

The wound on my leg is closed,
Well approximated, and virtually healed. 
I had a doctor appointment,
But in true VA fashion, 
The problem is gone 
by the time you get to be seen. 

My yearly “computer things” 
are getting done today. 

The patio is happy
 to have rotting wet bird seed removed. 

The stuff that’s been under the bathroom sink
It finally getting cleared to make room for me. 
Since I am a tenant in a house,
I need to put my bathroom stuff somewhere. 
Preferably- in the bathroom! 

And all my Glamping Gear is packed
In bins and boxes for my trip. 

I’m ready and rested and happy. 

Funny how things work. 
I was literally picking up the phone
To call the office and 
remove myself from the “hard case.”
When the Mom came, in singing Eminem. 
My fave rapper. 
I sang along with some lyrics, 
And her jaw dropped. 
She didn’t want to play Eminem 
Because I guess she thought I was a prude, 
And would not approve. 

Do I look like a prude?

My Beloved Nephew and I 
Used to drive around all hours
Listening to Eminem. 
He’s the Shakespeare of our time. 
Brilliant! Gifted, even. 
(Eminem, not my nephew. Lol) 

So we bonded and had a great hour. 
Mom’s shoulders dropped
And so did mine. 
And suddenly the world opened up. 

I talked to her about a few ideas I have 
For scheduling- it doesn’t have to be 
the same every day- especially 
if you have hours to fill from call-outs.
Don’t lose hours, or they take them away. 
I’ll be able to claim some of the extra hours
I’ve already been picking up! 
No more me being resentful
 for working without pay. 

I talked to her about giving the girls real food. 
You can purée it or use baby food
And it goes right down the g-tube. 
I’ve done it for years with other cases. 
Formula is a poor excuse for nutrition. 

Love Dove had BreastMilk
In her GTube. 

So yesterday was honest and sincere
And just a good good day. 

I never saw it coming. 
Literally the eleventh-hour save. 

Enjoying a cup of Covfefe 
On my sleep in day. 

I find that if I only have one day off,
I’m grumpy as hell
And don’t get anything done. 
Remember, I work 12 and 14 hour shifts! 
So now with my new schedule, 
I sleep the first day off, and rest. 
And get errands done on he second day off. 

I was starting to resent 
having no time for errands- 
Much less for fun! 
Every day “off” was me doing 
Housework and yard work. 
And I just already work too hard
In my (under) paid job!
That’s why people get burned-out. 
No time to just hang out and watch TV. 

26 March 2019

musical day

In an effort to be happy 
And forget about certain work conditions...
I have several musicals queued up
For the long commute. 

It seems to be working. 

If anyone asked me a question at work, 
I quickly answer with a Broadway ShowTune,
And Jazz Hands. 

I get much less questions this way! 
Many fewer questions? 

This  guy always makes an appearance
This time of year. 


Joseph would leave me alone. 
Lol. He is a 
Glasses-knocker-offer today. 

And after. 
I’m going for a serious undercut 
Probably right before I leave 
In three weeks. 

25 March 2019

sleep late...twice

Moderate relief. 
Could it be that I hate my job so hard-
That I don’t sleep well the night before
Just from dread? 

I’m beginning to think so!

This is my early birthday gift. 
From me to me. 
Laphproaig 10 year Scotch. 
From the Isle of Islay. 
I got it for my trip. 
It’s super smoky. 

It takes about 30 minutes to drink an ounce. 
And it’s not cheap, so you don’t dare guzzle it! 

I’ve wanted some since one of the houseguests
Brought in some $300 Octomore. 
It was like drinking a campfire. 

The bottle says 
“like kissing a mermaid 
that had BBQ for dinner”!

Another great review. 

Parts of Dallas got their windows 
pelted out with hail.
And other parts didn’t see a sprinkle. 

So the mom (of the hard case)
Texted me to say she’s going out of town again. 
20 year olds are just too irresponsible. 

But - lol- I’m ok. 
Because I was going to cut back one day! 
I just wanted to pick that day. 

My friend Pete takes everything in stride. 
He’s happier and has more friends. 
I, by contrast, am bitchier
And many people hate my fucking guts. 

Not sure if I’m doing something wrong-
Or very right! 

So I got up early and saw the clock. 
It clearly said 0630. 
So I went back to sleep. 
I must’ve slept a few hours. 
Got up, looked at the clock...
It said 0630... again! 

Getting up at 0630 IS sleeping late, 
When your shift starts at 0630. 

My little buddy. 
I’m his 5’2” pillow. 

Art Film Noir. 
And also time for a hair cut.
I’ve been stalking Pinterest 
And I’m going with a deep undercut. 
If it were up to me, 
I would shave my head. 

I did that once - shaved it all
In little segments. 
My hair always grows fast. 
It came back all nice and thick and curly. 

I’ve always said that if I win the lottery, 
I would shave my head, 
And go to the Grand Canyon,
And only come back once it had grown out. 

Lol. No lottery this time. 
Just ready for Spring and a Super-Vacation! 

Is it wrong that I count the days? 
I only have to go to the “hard case”
Like 9 more times.