31 October 2021


Perfect sleep. 
Although I dream I killed a dog. 
S/he just came up to me 
And I killed it. 
I was mortified. 

More walking is the goal. 

Stopped at WalMart. 
My old trick was to walk in the morning 
Before work, inside, and get lunch. 
2 times around the outer wall
Is usually a mile. 

So long ago. 

Blast from the past!

2015. Dr House. 
With cane and pill bottle. 

Call me Melville. 
2019. The year of Moby Dick. 

Now-  pirate city!

Happy Halloween! 
I was going for blonde pirate 
But ended up looking like 
Hulk Hogan. Lol 

Don’t eat the candy! 
It’s bad for you! 

30 October 2021



See the red box? 
That dip is my next goal. 
I want to increase the percentage. 
That means higher day pulse
and lower sleep pulse. 
More walks, better sleep. 

The yellow box is resting HR 
Mine needs to be lower. 

The green box is HRV. 
The feared and dreaded 
Heart Rate Variability! 
I finally got mine up. 
Sympathetic training. 
Mostly deep breathing. 

This is without an actual walk. 

Typical Home Health Nurse desk. 
We don’t have a break room, per se. 
We take breaks in place. 
A little Hobbit Corner
Where we get to sit and eat. 
Usually 10 feet away from the patient. 
That’s why I try to fast at work. 

Mom made Butter Chicken 
Just for me! 

Well, for many. 
Not just for me. 

Fried Chicken - no breading. 
They pull the meat down from the bone. 
Not sure what that’s called. 

Nice Salad 
I added cranberries. 

For the Anti-Vaxxers. 
A flag of their disposition!
Hahahah/ good clean fun. 


So many big name bloggers
Have regained. So many. 
Usually after a marriage
To a non low carber. 

And these are people who have millions
Of dollars on the line. 
Best selling authors. Etc. 
My blog has never made money 
Per my choice. 
I once was sent a letter that said 
I had earned a dime. 
But I never got the dime! 

You can try, 
But you’ll never convince me
That people can regain 100+ pounds
On strict low carb. 

Atkins is something 
That absolutely never fails
Not even one time ever 
Has it failed
When practiced to the letter. 

It would be difficult to be 
In a close relationship with someone 
Who refused to change their diet
To help you with yours. 

If you went to AA 
And your spouse chose to drink,
That would eventually be difficult. 

Same with carbs. 
They serve no purpose except they’re cheap
And fun and our brains 
Lights up like a pinball machine 
When we have them.  
So why not leave them? 

John Prine 
Now and back in the day. 
We don’t know what aging is. 
Every study is done 
In a world of carbs. 
Do people age better on keto
Slash low carb? Yeah- probably! 

Cool temps at last! 

My goofy smile. 
I never did find my glasses. 
Time for a check up! 

29 October 2021

halloween pranks

Up and out early 
On Fridays. 
I sleep lightly 
Cuz I don’t want to oversleep. 

How to prank a child. 

She’s invisible! 
Where did you go! 
Say something if you can hear me! 

I actually ordered a new lunch kit
And new scrubs yesterday. 
I was in a medium 
But now I’m in a large. 
And I got the large anyways! 

But first, Covefe 
And little keto pumpkin spice bites 

28 October 2021

dark year

First time back in the stores 
for almost 2 years! 
Trader Joe’s, of course. 

And Sugarless deLite. 
Dallas’ finest 

Take some Pork Rinds
Add Powdered Cheese 

Guacamole and Pecans 

Pumpkin Pie (SF)
With a wee bit of
Whipping Cream. 

What’s this, Mommy? 
It’s a Pilsner Urquell
I’m a Beer Snob. 
I keep them on hand for kidney stones. 
And drink one a week or so 
For probiotics. 

I’m so glad 
And I will be even gladder
When this year is done. 
I’ve never been so dark 
and felt so out of step. 

I’ll be glad when I can travel again
And the level of uncertainty 
Returns to a “new normal.”

27 October 2021

get ‘er done

OMG this is my fave food 

Blast from the past shirt 

Avocado and Lime. 

Tiny little store
Almost like a bodega 
In the neighborhood. 
They play Mariachi music
And have piƱatas hanging. 

Wee glass of Wee Beastie. 

About to pounce 

Still loving the lights. 
From the windows. 
Theatre gels. 

Ready ready