17 November 2011

paris tx

Got up early, and drove to Paris!
Texas, that is!

Lots to do and see...

Fast times... Campbell Soup is head-quartered there.
Lots of Industry.

An Eye-Full tower with a cowboy hat on top!

Small-town glow- bowl fun

Slanker Ranch

This is Primal Ground Beef!
They added liver and heart to the mix.
The people there are Omega 3 fans!
Can't beat that.

My first Bison Heart.
Now what do I do with it?

It was just a lovely day for a ride in the country!
It took a little time to get there and back.
I loved every driving minute of it!


  1. The last picture is so serene. Looks like a nice town. I know you had a mini vacation.

  2. Looks great...please post a warning if you are posting a picture of the heart...I don't want to be traumatized forever.

    Love the tower!

  3. lol Miss K the P!
    That's why I showed it wrapped in paper!

  4. There is a Paris in Tennessee too. There is a building there that looks like the one in your photo but this one says "Paris Fashions". Extremely funny.

  5. I first read about ground beef with organ meat added from Dana Carpender. Sounds so good!

    Did you decide how to cook the bison heart? I've never had it, but I think I would like it, since I like liver.


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