31 March 2013

everything is ok

What a week!
Fat Bread with Dill Butter, Eggs,

Summer Sausage, and Cheese

Planted some seeds for the Garden...
All kinds of new seeds planted this week!
Not just the kind that go into the ground

Russian Bologna

TONS of flowers and flower arrangements

Ox Tails for Broth...
They ran out of Ox Tails.... which have more gelatin content.
They said that cows/oxen only have one tail.
So they are harder to come by.

Tuna Salad with HB eggs and SF pickles

Fat Bread on the indoor Grill!

Before and after - a week apart.
I can tell when I don't do my neck and face work outs.
It shows! Turkey Neck.

So yeah - what a great week.
I think everything is ok... and is going to be ok!

30 March 2013

ugh day 2.1

Got the TreadMill set up in the garage for now.
My goal is to walk on it at least once a day.
Not for cardio. Just to move some glucose.
Maybe I can squeeze in two walks a day.

Sherri came over, and we made lunch. . . 
Awesome Quiche.

Didn't have half the ingredients I needed - 
But I threw in a can of Rotel, with some Spinach,
(Sauteed in Balsamic Vinegar)
Cheese, Eggs, and Bacon (of course)
And it was actually awesome!

Stopped at Central Market late last night 
- I think I closed them down, almost - 
And got a ton of things for a Zero Carb week.
I have done 5 fat fasts... Actually more,
But after 5 I stopped counting....

And since I have no gall bladder, I do better with
A modified version .... too much fat all at once is
Not good! Maybe that is why Atkins said to eat 
5 small "meals" a day.... so as not to get bogged down.

Well.... walking felt good. 
The food is good. 
The pants nearly falling off is good.
The work is good.
Life is....butter and butter!

28 March 2013


Now that I have responsibilities and stuff,
I need a printer.... for all the tests I am having to take!

They call themselves "Doctors of Humor-ology"
At Baylor Medical in Downtown Dallas....lol

A new crane going up -
So THAT is how they do it

A LC magazine - do you think it's any good?
Any press is good press, I guess

The little Finchies are getting familiar 
with the new surroundings
But just between you and me, I miss Mr Peepers!

Russian Herring - 
But not in a Fur Coat!

Ye Olde Standby...lol 
In-N-Out Protein Style

This is Genghis Grill -
A ton of meat without the sauce...
Not so good... it needs the sauce.
Times like this, I wish I had a Doggie!

Busy and wonderful times....
Keeping on track in my food
And keeping in my right mind
With all the recent changes!

27 March 2013

fat bread for cuties

Every time someone comes to visit,
They say they would not mind if I made them some Fat Bread.
From this guy's blog (link)

Now, I think that Fat Bread is a kind of Love.
More Buttah Love.

I fry up a little slice and dream of Ketosis -
That is what I want to dream about.

Here's me - thinking about all that 
Vitamin D that I am getting!

Hope your day is going swimmingly!

25 March 2013

becky visits

The wonderful, happy Becky (link)
And her hubs Ron came to Big D!

Too much rich food - and good times!

I love Les Mis... and this was a full evening's event.
Brought out every raw emotion I had left in me.

Trucky - like a boss
1600 pounds of dirt hauling

To make this awesome raised bed
For veggies!

Thanks to the awesome Caltons (link) for shipping this out so fast
I love these Vitamins... and mine got packed -
So I have been without for a few weeks.

Pooped around like a wet, sick puppy today.
All the previous activity is catching up with me.
Had a wee little bit o' reflux 
While I was cleaning the baseboards.
Never get that - since going LC.
Now back to simple meals and cooking 
And actually sleeping at night!
(Hey - I said that last week!)

23 March 2013


Seems like a legit way to make major life decisions!

Probably would give as good of a result as most people get anyway.

This past month, I have been on top of the world!
Business lunches... important meetings....
Open Houses... getting to know good friends again...
Late night chit-chats about this, that, and everything.
One of the best months I have ever had!

I was mopping the floor yesterday.
I knew the floor was wet, and/but I walked on it anyway.
Of course, I slipped, and fell, and landed on my arse.
Gotta watch those slippery slopes.

So I am taking it easy for a few days.

We are about 6 weeks out from the cruise.
About 40~ish days.
Plenty of time to get into good habits again.
Like walking on the treadmill every morning,
Now that most of the hard work of moving is done.
And reading my daily lesson from ACIM.

And cooking real food, instead of grabbing something on the run.
Even if it is a LC meal, I still cook better than this junk.

I look and feel tired.
I AM tired!
Not sleeping can catch up with a person.
Now - off to pamper myself!

20 March 2013

bye bye birdie

Took Mr Peepers to Pat's house to stay....
She wanted a Parakeet - she loves the sound of his peeping!

Can't beat that! It's win-win.

I got these two instead - little Finchies...
A Zebra Finch and a Society Finch.
Might get two more. 
They don't have names. Any ideas?

Spring is all over down here in North Texas.
We usually don't have a Spring - Just winter, then summer.
Spring lasts about 2 weeks... but this one has been much longer!

This machine keeps the leaves at bay...
Especially Bay Leaves -
Please note there are no Bay Leaves in the pool

Manual Labor at work today!
Note the scrubs. I am a full service Nursie.
I had to wear Bose Headphones 
Cus I did not have hearing protection!

So, I think this entitles me to some meat.
Half pound of Chopped Beef, Half pound of Pulled Pork,
Half pound of Sliced Brisket.
And the guy asked me if this is for here, or to go.
For here, Dude. Yeah - no!

Now off I go to bed, for an attitude adjustment and some rest!
Both much needed.

 ETA: Didn't get much sleep - But I did remember
What it was I had been trying to remember all night!
So I am officially back to being "golden!"

Hope your day is merry and bright!