29 October 2013


Sitting around, made many fires
These past 2 weeks... taking it easy -
A pseudo stay-cation

This little creek is right by my apartment -
Also there is a Fitness Center, and a Park nearby.
One of the trails is said to be 15 miles long!

Painting is a fun and easy project -
Just put on Pandora and go for it

A little problem solving....
A little Kilz

And Wall-La!

Mapped out the In-n-Outs nearby

Got a second job -
Back to Pediatrics ....  13 of my 23 years
of Nursing was in Peds....so.....

I'll take this as a sign!

Watching the rain and clouds -
[And resting my ankle - the ladder is not doing me any favors!]

A big oak tree right outside my window!
I love fixing the place up!


27 October 2013


Got to do a little creative stuff here

Painted the walls in my new apartment

The computer picked these as being compatible.
So far, so good.

About to hang these drapes -
Shown here in da catalogue 

Ate this steak - 3 weeks now no cheating

2 weeks living in this apartment 
Eating my own way

Like this baked cheese

And this toasty fire.
Put my broken ankle up and just watch the roll of the flames!

New job interview manana - 
Wish me luck!

21 October 2013

moving in blues

Ribs -

Ain't Fucking Lying

Starting to fill in

Lots of fires

The last person to live here had these stickers everywhere

My new plan is to just get rid of everything...
Ugh  - the new word of the day

13 October 2013

moving on up

Got some icing on mah finger -
Did not lick it off!
I am "over" my sweet craving - for now

This is much more to my liking these days

Want me some meat, please

My new apartment
 Long story

Lots of stuff in storage

Ready for the movers

People must be crazy - 
One medium-sized moving box for $4 
Or 20 for $20 - 
You decide!

06 October 2013

move that butt

At my usual lunch with a friend,


I discussed how my situaion has come to an end -

So I planned and I planned

And I thought and it might be grand -
If I could see it as just starting again!

There has been a change in plans - again.
I will be getting my own place next week!
It is a cute little apartment
About 7 minutes away from work.
-Yes - I still have the same job!-

So everything is coming out of storage -
Including the flab on my butt!
And that ever-so-cute double chin....
Which evidently likes to settle there- 
After some 9 odd months of not working out.
Funny how that happens.

At first I opted for the smaller floor plan...
Kinda a smash-n-grab of off-campus living.
Then I stopped and reminded myself of the whole
"Eating" thing - and my commitment to "Health"

So, I upgraded to a larger apartment 
With a pantry and a dining room!

It is right by a fitness center and a little park!
I see plenty of days off and sleep
And walking  - in my future!

And next week - painting!
Details to follow.