29 November 2013

cooking and adjusting

Off to Trader Joe's -
Saw this

And this

Heirloom Tomatoz

Prepping and cooking
With Sherri

Cooking and Prepping!

Crack Slaw - never gets old

Deli Meat Roll Ups
- It is all about changing up the flavors 
in the same old boring things of life, I guess -

Goat Cheese with Cranberry Stuff and
Slivered Almonds
A Splurge for sure!

I like the Shaggy Look 
For now, at least

28 November 2013

slick and tired

It is daylight out there - somewhere

Nom Nom - to No No 

This is a bad camera angle, low light mess...
AND what I will look like in 10 years...
AND my sweet wholesome face of innocent light and love

Not a soul on the road, and these people 
Ride my butt, and honk if I am going too slow.

Fried Red Tomatoes
Goes great with last weeks Meat Loaf!

Nailed a 70 hour week - on nights!
Dedicated all the OT to getting some patio furniture.
We are long over-due for a tour.

25 November 2013

it was a cold and stormy day

Drawing little smiles on little masks for little kids

Finally getting to sleep past 1 pm...
Gotta get up and eat well!

How well, you ask?

This is a good start

And behold - Whipping Cream season is upon us

How wonderful that we have people who help
With the boring, mundane tasks - like laundry -
Saved me a few hours sleep  - AND
Getting out in the cold--
It has been cold and nearly snowing here....
PERFECT for sleeping!

24 November 2013

the cursed bane of my existence

ugh und blech und blah-ti-blah
ruckus rumpus pahhhh hmmmmph

So I thought -
I had better git it together or move on....
I might still be adjusting to  nights....
Give it some time - how much time?
Meanwhile I want to make sure I give my body every chance.
Right food - Lots of water - Sleep amrap...
(as many rems as possible!)

The worry is what gets me! I am so anxious.
And for no reason. No reason to be worried.
Worry is in the future - and the future is already
MUCH better than the past. So why worry?

Fried Cheese - so simple

Roasted Tomatoes with Balsamic Vinegar et all
On top of Baked Bacon
[MUCH less mess in the oven]

When I cook for people, they don't know what to do.
It's sometimes overwhelming for them.
It's not just because the food is so good; it is good.
But there's a simpler answer.
They just have never had real (and simple) food!

Dinner tonight

Just in case you missed it -
Here is a close up

23 November 2013

the big sleep

Getting to work nights... ugh
But I am making it

Just went to the store and saw this nut bowl...
Perfect for the Holidays.

After I slept nearly 18 hours!
True Story... all in one day.

Made beef and tomato and onion

And they call this a "Chubb"

This is a Parsnip.
I followed the Pioneer Woman's Recipe.
She LOVES Parsnips. 
Me - this is my first time. 
YUM! (link)

Also Herion Wings 
Dana Carpender  (link)

And Crack Slaw (link)

This has a shred of Parmesan Cheese on top

A yummy plate of LC goodness -
Showing Sherri the ins and outs of LC cooking!

Can't tell if she liked it or not! 
Lunches are cooked and lined up for the week to come.

I've been being a good little Paleo Person
And keeping my shades on so I can fall asleep quicker...
Plus I get to look this cool!

22 November 2013

pre-holiday gather around

Same thing applies to Holiday "Treats"
And over-eating in general.
Make that over-indulging in general!

Awesome ideas from
The Paleo Miracle Book (link)

From Atkins 72
Reprinted here in 96

Must be alright!!