16 November 2011

want some fish?

So the question comes up - 

And the answer is - NO I DON"T
like fish very much.
But I am learning to love it.

I got this wonderful Salmon for my birthday!
I DO like the fancy stuff.

I like the entry-level stuff... 
Chicken of the Sea flaked salmon in a can.
Kinda like tuna.

These whole fish kind- they are not my fave.
To tell the truth, I had to gag the stuff down.
And I work very hard develop a recipe bank to help improve the taste.
And not compromise the Omega 3's.
By that I mean specifically to not drown the stuff in mayo!

By the way - 
Look at this sneaky label for salad dressing.
This Ranch Dressing is "all natural."
Gourmet stuff. But filled with soybean oil.
It does not list the PUFA's.
BUT do the math and you will see.
total fat = 17 
minus 2.5 (call it 3) for sat fat
that leaves 14 grams of some other kind of fat.
Remember - there are only 4 kinds of fat.
[saturated, mono unsaturated, 
poly unsaturated, and tras fat.]

It's not olive oil (MONOunsatfat)
And it's not a transfat.
So what could it be?
You guessed right if you said PUFA!
One ounce of Ranch Dressing has 8,000 mg of Omega 6.
That is 8 grams.... JUST for the dressing.

NO WAY would I eat that --
Well, not too often, at any rate!

I take fish oil - this 1 gram of Cod Liver Oil
has nearly 900 mg of Omega 3. 
This is Carlson's (link
And the EPA/DHA amounts are pretty good.
My next brand will be this (link)!

So on with the fish we go!


  1. Ewww that is so gross! Not the fish....that nasty shirt you're wearing!

  2. lololol!!
    You got me on that one, Doc!

  3. Why yes I decided I did want some fish after reading so much about it here. :) I had a can of Alaskan salmon that had been in the pantry for a long time so I got it out and added some to my salad along with black beans, tomatoes, olives, cottage cheese and green onions. Very yummy.

  4. Guess what? I talked my husband into fly fishing for trout again. I am going to outfit him for Christmas. We have rainbow trout in the streams around the mountains. I can't wait for some good trout. It may take a while to get there. In the meantime, I will be buying whatever kind of fish I can at the store.

  5. I love REALLY FRESH FISH... otherwise you can keep it.


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