07 November 2011

cross fit pays off

A little extra work this week!
Cleaning up. Mopping. At work, no less.
Alot of Nurses won't do that - I just try to help out.
Then, the patient's little doggie got out,
And I ran about 200 meters chasing it!
AND I caught it. 
So all that hard work is paying off.

Hit the jackpot tonight with the mackerel
And salmon. Still love it.

Bacon Mayo - didn't get it cuz I didn't like the oils...
I'm picky about oils. Like most chicks are loving nail polish -
Or _______ (fill in the blank.)

Finally getting the Omega 3 up and the Omega 6 down. 
And I'm hungry as a wolf.
Waiting maybe for the enzymes to kick in.
The ones I haven't used - ever for the fishes-es!
Takes about 2 weeks, I'm guessing.

This is from a food tracking program called
Tells you how Paleo your intake is!
But it works with any way of eating.

Working out of town the past 3 days.
Tonight, when I left, the patient's
Family member said that he loved me!
Made it all worth while!

Hope your day is wonderful!


  1. When you can chase and catch an escaped pet, that's when you KNOW you're in shape! Congrats, Anne!

  2. Next thing you know you'll be running a whole mile! All your hard work is definitely paying off Anne.

  3. Heehee - Yep!
    In my scrubs - no less!

  4. Good for you on catching the patient's dog. That was above and beyond. I'm touched by what you do every day, Anne. It provides a necessary service to people in need. That is where I want to be some day. In a place of helping people.

  5. So glad you caught the doggie. What a heroine! Hope you are well and happy, Anne.

  6. next it's time to catch a chicken rocky! lol. and baconnaise. I don't know...yucky. lol.

  7. You are such a great nurse! Every time you get the cleaning bug you pass it on to me :)


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