31 July 2021

hazy days

Look at my salad!


3 glasses of water!
I haven’t been able to tolerate 
Much water- til now. 
Probably has something to do with
The ulcers. It made me sick. 
No more. 

Sausage and Cheese 

Sahara Dust Storms
Forest fires. 
And general filth. 
Pretty though. 

Looks like dystopian fiction! 
Nope- just a regular day
In the pandemic of life 

30 July 2021

long days

Salad Days 

Long ass days. 
Stood in the sun yesterday 
Waiting for a van. 

The word of the day. 
Whenever you hear the word of the day,
Scream real loud! 

29 July 2021

cold and flu

I said hello to some old friends 
Anticholinergics and Advil yesterday. 
I actually have a cold. 
Runny nose. Itchy eyes. 
No fever. Not covid. 

My heart was racing before 
But no A-Fib. 
I’ve not had A-Fib since 2009
Before Atkins. 

Still got over 4000 steps, though. 

Amazing sleep. 
High HRV. Go figure. 

Salad. With Chicken. 
Still on cold food. 
People at work are my Salad Dressing.  
Well. Ok. 

My go to. 
Not ideal. But ok for now. 

Lol. This came up. 
Still down 5 pounds. 
Probably will do some really hard core fasting 
Maybe even some dry fasting
To get rid of this cold. 
But I can’t do that and work! 

A jar full of coins. 
The last of the coins? 
Last night, I paid for my medicine 
With a phone app. 

I know! 
I was amazed as well! 

Well I will say that 
You feel much better 
When you mask the symptoms. 
Better living through chemistry. 
I never ever get a cold. 
Well- till the past few years. 
Now that I’m older 
It does happen. 

28 July 2021

back to work

I didn’t sleep much of the night. 
I just laid in bed and tried to rest. 

I cooked dinner and went into 
The living room with the grown ups
To announce to the Big People
that dinner was ready. 
And I got scolded for talking. 
Me- I avoid conflict by walking away. 
I went to bed at 730. 
But the coughing housemate 
Did his thing from 1 am - onwards. 
Days like this I hate communal living. 

I got up to water the plants. 
See- you have to water every day. 
Not just when you feel like it. 

Odd thing. 
On the way to work, 
my heart started to race. 
I dread working anymore. 

Yesterday it was fine. 
Good one and two minute recovery. 

I understand that suffering comes
From my expectations. 
I went back to my old ways. 
For a little bit. 
About caring what people 
Say, Think, and Do. 

How I feel today.
Poor Babs! 
I feel ya, Babe! 

I’m still down 5 pounds. 
That’s amazing. 
Still not eating solid food. 
Scratchy throat from the
Upper G.I. 

27 July 2021

g. i. series

Slept on the recliner. 
I woke up during the upper GI
And got choked on the scope. 
It tore my throat up a bit. 

Lots of steps. 
I walked to and from the clinic. 

The Nurse said 
“Get your happy ass up in this bed!”
That’s the V A for ya! 

For Day Surgery they want you to walk. 
For regular hospital stay, 
They don’t let you walk out. 
You must be taken out in a wheelchair. 
All bets are off with the V. A! 
Not complaining; they saved my life! 

Covered with cats. 
Baby Fergus never left my side. 

Esophagus EGD. 
50% improvements. 

Duodenum clear. 
Stomach clear. 

The old EGD in April this year. 
Roughly 17 weeks ago. 
Grade D esophagitus. 
L A grade D means excoriation
On 75% of the surface 
Multiple duodenal ulcers. 
No mention of Z line injury. 
Many bleeding ulcers. 


No IBS. No Chron’s. 
No polyps. No outpouching. 
Perfect and clear. 
BBBP Score is 9. 
Perfect score for preparation. 

I post this for all the people 
Who say meat tots in your colon. 
Or low carb doesn’t have enough fiber. 
Oh yes- and I lost 6 pounds! 

26 July 2021

movi prep

Ahhhh sleep

Move more. 
Taking the CBD has changed everything!

Movi Prep
Is used for colonoscopy prep. 
You drink it. Tons of it. 
Completely cleaned out. 
Nurse Fergus is supervising. 

You take 2 doses. 
One, the night before. 
In the evening. 
Then one at 4 am!

30 years ago, it was called GoLightly. 
But the bottle was so big. 
It was more for inpatients. 

Now comes 100° F temps. 

Clear liquids 
Lol. I lost 5 pounds!
So why not just go on? 
Back to Snake Juice 

New red shoes. 

The boss is asleep 

Off we go!!
I’m not a go getter. 
I’m a let’s see what happens 
Type of gal.