31 March 2020

heavy week

No traffic to speak of. 
25 minutes to work. 
Super good walk 15 minutes. 

I had a great Coaching Session. 
My coach is happy I’m doing well. 
The civilians are not doing well. 
They seem to be doing well
On tinderhooks.

Lol. I’ve always wanted 
To use that word. 

I avoid the one Nurse
by just not showing up early. 
She avoids me 
(The feeling is mutual)
By leaving on time. 
So our paths don’t cross. 

Amen and amen. 

30 March 2020

off day

Ugh. Crappy sleep. 

Fun with Flour. 
Never as fun in real life. 

 Somewhere out there is a kid
Who wanted to do 
the cutest YouTube video -
But mommy wasn’t impressed. 

5 years post injury. 
I have no limp. 
I worked hard to make that happen. 

Things are ramping up 
With CV 19. 
I call it Trump Virus. 
Strange days indeed. 
Most peculiar, mommy! 

29 March 2020

mental vacation

Three weeks away from home. 
Lockdown at work. 
One more should do it. 

Family cooked Goat
Since they know I love it. 

Thanks  to CV19
I’m guessing the world 
Will NOT be up and running
In 12 weeks. 

So to be prudent,
I am canceling my July Vacation -
And just taking a staycation in place. 
These pics are from last year. 
I loved every moment of that trip. 

I’m planning now to take 3 months off
And really see everything in Colorado. 
All next summer in the mountains. 

The National Parks are closed
And the rafting is on hold. 
So might as well stay here 
and work my butt off. 

Goodness knows so many people
Are not able to work right now. 
This is no time for an able-bodied nurse
To take a month off. 
All hands on deck! 

Back to business as usual. 
The Super Hair Tonic Blend
-from Interstellar Blends- 
Is starting to kick in. 
Gavin said it takes about 2 months. 

Also, because of the H Pylori Blend
 • And quitting drinking wine
• And basically dry fasting 
From 6 pm till 6 am
My ulcer is completely healed. 
No reflux whatsoever! 

Nice and rainy and cool
In the morning. 
Just like being in the mountains. 
I love sleeping with the windows open. 

Ommmmmm ommmmmm. 
Now to learn to enjoy 
a break in place. 

28 March 2020

happy shiny day

Hot hot hot. 
Let that virus burn off 

From 2011 
9 years ago. 
I had more body fat? 
More subcutaneous fat?
Younger? Sure. 
Less weight by 10 pounds then. 
Stronger then too. 
Pre broken leg.  

Every day we write the book. 
For better or worse. 
We write it with our body. 

After this- I am 
Ready for a daily walk. 
A daily constitutional! 
Lol. I get my own constitution.

This is why old people always take walks. 
To get the hell out of the house
And to get a little fitness. 

27 March 2020

tsunami coming

I crashed for over 9 hours. 

The bright night sky 

My door

We’re reading another Melville. 
This one is perfect, too. 
All the different workers. 
And joe peculiar they are. 

Butter Chicken 

Generally my face these days. 
Waiting for the storm. 

I’m too old for the Army 
-I’m told-
Which suits me fine. 
But omg - these people!
They lie. And nurses die. 

26 March 2020

floor day four

It’s really not Day Four. 
But it rhymes 
So I went with it. 

More like Week Four. 
And it’s 88° F in here 

Canned Chili
And Cottage Cheese. 
My favorite combo. 
On lockdown. 

Speaking of Chili. 

This has all but healed my ulcer. 
Imagine that. 
The very thing they tell you
To avoid - has healed me. 

I am ready for this to be over. 
But I know it won’t be. 
Not any time soon.

The night nurse was being
Her arrogant, 
passive aggressive self...
So I took a walk 
instead of wait for her. 

She likes to ride the clock. 
That is... she starts her last pass
At 700 when she should 
have been clocked out at 0700. 

She walked right past me
To get mom to sign
(And had to wake her up)
Instead of having me sign
When I was right there. 
Fucking Bitch! 
People who intentionally 
Destroy your plans
And your peace
And the peace of others...
...I can’t abide. 

I won’t miss her. 

25 March 2020

lock down day whatever

Is it hot in here? Or is it just me? 

This should be called 
OMG Butter Chicken 
Because when you taste it
You will say “OH MY GOSH!”

My lunch.
Sugar Free Sweet Pickles. 
That’s 1000 Island Dressing
Because the meat was so dry 
With no cheese. 

24 March 2020

crazy calm before the storm

Went to Mineral Wells
To get Crazy Water. 
Ended up getting groceries 
In Mineral Wells. 
A small store. 
Non perishable items. 

Everyone is set in. 
Locked down. 
Good for us.