30 June 2013


I didn't have much experience - or faith...

I just stuck seeds in the ground

Water them every day  - and viola!
They actually grew!
[Violas did not grow - plants grew]

And lots of these!

I couldn't get the lawn mower bag to attach...
So I drove my blonde (and sweaty) self up to Home Depot -
They did it for me in no time flat!

Lots of yummy fats - 

Lots of grilled hamburgers

I was quite shocked when a rib poked out from nowhere!
That is my abdomen. I am doing my foam roller posture work-out.
I do it faithfully (nearly) every day - for over a year now.

Not even much into tasting these days.

So all is well!
That yard work is a dusty version of Cross Fit...
Hope all is well with you!

25 June 2013

I feel pretty

Getting ready for a real photo shoot.
Business Cards and Brochures... etc

I love Marnie Nixon (link) - the voice for Maria in West Side Story.
Sigma Alpha Iota would have maybe approved of this one;
I don't think I got that much dressed up in college!

PS - the photo session went great!

I really did feel "pretty!"

busy days

Now WHERE did I put that phone?
Good for "cold calls" I guess

Busy days - making everything "just right"

I get to have my picture taken by a real pro -
A photo shoot  - for business cards, etc.

This is what I think I look like!

Tending the garden

Lots of entertainment -
For all ages

Lots of Fat Bread for me

Grilling steaks - good for summer

MeatLoaf that has Bacon in it -
From the Civilized Caveman -YUM

Poached Eggs with easy Hollandaise Sauce 

Doing my best to avoid this!

Busy busy busy -
But hitting a good stride!
Hope your days are great!

21 June 2013

hey sexy lady

This couple danced every dance, every night!

The fun fun fun never ends on the Carnival Magic!
On The 2013 Low Carb Cruise

Back that thing up!

19 June 2013

a blogger honor!

Hi Y'all!

I was recently named in Leap Fitness Top 100 Health and Fitness Sites for 2013!

And to my amazement and delight, my name made it all the way up to the #1 Spot!
It's like my 15 minutes of Blogging Fame!

I am so pleased and happy - I just had to share the news!

It's good to have some LoCarb Link Love!

Thanks to everyone who voted for me!

Here's a link if you want to check it out:

a little garden

I had a little helper plant the garden. (Thanks, C!)
Your carrots are coming right along - but not quite ready yet!
Some of the tomatoes are ready, though....
Smile with tongue
And the strawberries - WOW!
PS.... Don't eat spiders!
Winking smile

18 June 2013

can't touch this

Work out tips.....lol

in the kitchen

LOVE, love, love "my" new Kitchen.
No Nurse could be happier to work in a kitchen as fine as this!

And the pink scrubs and black apron  -
All this, and Fashion, too!

hi there, y'all!

Long Time, No Sea!

Took a month off from blogging.
Got sick on the Low Carb Cruise.
Moved - Got a new job...
Busy times - good times!

I  thought a little vlog would explain it all 
Better than I could type it all out!

Love y'all!