24 January 2014

more fun and food

The cooking labs with Sherri continue

lol - not THAT kind of lab

This kind of lab

And this

Kinda getting tired of eating - and my blood sugar goes down.
Probably Insulin Dumping - if I had to guess.
Any ideas?

Decided to really clean up (again)

Might be unrelated, but I got a pimple.
And it hurts. So yeah.
Now, it's personal.
Sick and tied of being sick and tired!

Lots of good food 
Low to very low to zero carb

And me!
Holding my own but I really don't know how!
Ugh to the ugh

20 January 2014

ok ok ok

Finally getting things done.
Been here in the apartment since October.

Had some cheap little curtain rods
Went to get some more - just the kind I wanted

After all that -it was a simple as just 
Going to the freaking store to get a different style.
Some times I don't know why these things don't occur to me.

Sherri and I went to see Fiddler On The Roof
At a local High School

This guy has a very large head and body.

After, we went to eat.
It real really late. Lots of people eat really late, it seems.

She always gets one thing

And I get another,

Then we split it all, 
So we get to try different things!

And I got a hair cut.
I always clean up good.

That is all.

10 January 2014

anxious days

Not sure if its working nights or what
Not working out is just not working out for me

Maybe all kinds of things
Having a hard job is not easy, either!

Got these shopping bags
To help me get organized

However - I know it is a state of mind
That I have yet to achieve totally

Cold and foggy

At least I have good Protein

This is me, keeping myself calmed down by listening to Music
This is a rough Induction Phase for me.
No wine, no nothing.
Ok. A few more days like this and then we'll see!
I am sure it will be ok. 
Sure it will!  =)

07 January 2014

a happy birthday!

It is Kathryn's Birthday!

We can still do Birthdays
(or almost any event)  
And stay LoCarb - even in Induction

This is an In-N-Out 
Animal Style/Protein Style Double Double.
Translation: Meat, Cheese, Lettuce Wrap,
All the Trimmings.

In-N-Out has a (not so) secret menu.
You will have to ask for it.
Probably 10 - 12 carbs with all the tomatoes and 
pickles and onions, etc... (link)

Central Market is nice for Cooks

Awesome Salad

  Grass-Fed Steaks

Close up of the Grass-Fed Steaks

Sugar-Free CheeseCake
From Sugarless De'Lite (link)

Rick is truly one of the nicest guys -kind and generous - 
And he is a walking wealth of Low Carb Knowledge!
I learn something new every time I chat with him.

So Happy Birthday, Kathryn!
And many many more.
Onward and Downward!

05 January 2014

facebook motivation


How is everyone doing? 
For me, every day is like Day 1.
 Some days, it really do be that way!