30 September 2016

i have no words

Denton ... Ahh.... Denton...
The city of 10,000 code violations... ugh

It makes me want to pull the scarf
Off of some Bearded Hipster Guy
And steal his Pumpkin spice Latte

The Juicy Pig

TWUs very own Pioneer Woman...

Ye Ole (Old) Trucky had problems this week...

This guy was a Tag-A-Long

I was there till 8 pm... seeing people at 9 pm...
That is unacceptable to me...
Why can't people be honest and say what is up?
I could have / would have easily rented a car for a week...
My old mechanic said it best:
I know you would rather be mad at the price (or whatever)
Than be mad at the cover-up story....

Ketones keep me happy and healthy WAY till 8 pm or so...
And I love them... No coffee.... 
Truly ... Madly.... Deeply...
I think this is how Life is supposed to feel...
HAPPY.... remember being happy? Yep!

Slim4Life wants much protein
And Less carbs and fat...
No one is arguing that!
3 pounds of beef per day for 5 days!!!!
OMG... must OMG....
Go For It, Cindi!

Off to the store... need anything?

Need anything in the BENZ? 



Nurses Notes...
CHUX and Wound Wash...
[you would all puke if you saw what i see every day... ]
Just Saying....  <3

My Real and True Desk
At This Very Moment In Time...

We just lived through one Summer Cycle....
Dear God... Make Them Die...
If you can't read, I know person who can help...

But... sadly... they thought I did this....
They thought I erased the sign...
NO... It was not me...
Someone... unknown... but not me, Sweetie!

27 September 2016


The deprivation of a Ketogenic Diet

Found money... LOL

Messy Ketchup LOL

Office Day LOL

Baby CPR Class LOL

Don't Cry For Me, Argentina LOL

Middle-Aged-Crisis Red LOL


CXR and Fun with Gamma Rays LOL

Late night PUFA Bird LOL

Of PUFA Bird - why you so good?
Excellent week, actually 'lol" be damned!

24 September 2016

infant cpr class

Damn Junkies

Sock Junkies

Roanoke, Texas

Exogenous Ketones -
Pretty good. I felt great taking them!


Hopsital Gift Shops are the BEST!

Daisy - my new Sweetie

Truck Trouble -

Car Port Trouble

My early BD present 
From me to me

Lunch with Sherri -
She does not want her picture taken 

Tickets to Phantom Of The Opera
At Fort Worth's Bass Performance Hall - 
In about 5 weeks!

"Keep Calm And Walk On"
Madison Scouts Theme -
You'll Never Walk Alone
(If you have a broken leg)

I added that last part. 
You are welcome.