15 November 2011

poly - anna

Oh Dear - Oh Dear!
My PUFA's are way too high!

My Poly UnSaturated Fatty Acids!
My ratio is as high as 30:1.
AND I am a Low Carber!
I love my Higher Fat Diet!

 I've messed up on the only two variables
that even count in any way, shape or form.
The Omega 3, and Omega 6 essential fatty acids.
And the ratio between the two.

I just didn't know better!
But now, I do!
And I am changing it!
One good choice at a time.

The first year, it was easy. 
Low Carb. Done.
Anything that was not a carb, was ok.
Sugar Free Candy. SF Yogurt.
Fifty eggs. Think "Cool Hand Luke," here.
Maybe a little alcohol. Zombie Brains. 
Anything I wanted. 

The next year, maybe a little refinement.
Add a little workout - CrossFit.
Maybe a little more focus on 
What my body wants, and needs.
And not always what I want.

Off the list for ever - for now:
Peanuts, SF Junk Food,
Vegatable Oils, Nutra Sweet,
Drinking. Most fruits. 
All Gluten.

These foods can stay, but in limited amounts.
They are no longer a mainstay.
Chicken. Salads. Some Dairy.
Almond and coconut milk and flours.

And I have added:
Dark unsweetened cocoa, egg nog,
Salmon (Wild Alaskan), more peppers (fruits)
Grass Fed Beef and Dairy, some berries.
Add a little more n-6 to this list...
I do like some good bacon from time to time!

This is a pretty typical day for me.
1500 calories. 11 grams PUFA.
Total fat = 109 (like a boss)
Protein = 111 (bam)
Carbs = 19

I made the list -
So I can change the list!
That's what's good about it!
Here's to better, more informed choices!


  1. That's on a non-berry day. Add 10 to that...
    I tend to hold it between 20 - 40 most days!

  2. great post, Anne. You rock!

  3. My head exploded just trying to understand this...I am too dumb for low-carb, lol! But I'm glad it works for you! :)

  4. I'm concerned w/not getting enough but honestly, I'm lost with the Omegas. I've read one is better than the other and I've read not to have too much of one. How do I know what I should be taking? Any info you can share would be great Anne! Thanks :)

  5. in english please Anne, I don't have a degree, just high school!!! What should we not be eating, or eating or whatever. I dont want my pufa's getting outta control!!!

  6. Oh NOOOOO!
    This is not a LoCarb message.
    It is truly at the core of all diets..
    all weight loss plans...
    all agendas. It's the most important
    thing I have learned - since Nursing School!
    I will break it down for us as best I can!

  7. What about cheese???

  8. Almost 2:1 ... for cheddar

  9. I'm sorry, Anne. The high fat diet is appealing but I have to go back to where I started with my weight loss to see results. I am more aware of getting healthy fats now but will limit the quantity of all my fats. I just have to make myself do it again.

  10. I'm just too old to take in this much information. Congrats for understanding what appears to me to be very complicated science. I'll just stay on my usual routine which includes all the food groups with less fat and sugar. Interesting though. :)


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