31 August 2019

back to fasting

No food, no wine. 
Too sick to eat. 

So why no fast? 

The fan in the room broke.
I had cold chills all shift. 

Queequeg fasted
before he started his journey. 

My boy is really loving Moby Dock. 
We read every day. 
It’s the highlight of the shift. 

A quiet night. 
My housemate still
 is not speaking to me. 
The old silent treatment! 
Back to high school- lol. 
It’s probably 2 years overdue. 
The silence is golden. 

My plan is to do OMAD
Mostly Catnivore. 
I should probably fast 
at least one day a week
For maintenance. 
If I’m going to use this tool. 
And if it’s good enough for Queequeg,
It’s plenty good for me. 

30 August 2019

jazz band happy

I actually ate breakfast today. 
And I felt like a million bucks. 


The Angel of Dallas 

I keep thinking about this. 

86° F in here and no fan. 

My ass. 
You’re welcome. 
8 years ago and now. 
All in all, I am happy. 

The failure rate in weight loss is like 90%
Even in Low Carb, it’s high. 
Sadly. Too high. 
Everyone dreads the ReGain. 

Most people regain all the weight they lost. 
And then some. 
It’s the “then some” 
That kills your pride. 

My magic number is 155. 
I stay in that range. 

A little over, I look like a toad. 
A little under I look like a hottie.

And “At My Age”. 
Lol. I was born in 1960. 
I should be retired! 

At least I’m not tired! 

29 August 2019

happy new year

Love those 12 hour nights. 

Bacon for Breakfast 

Let’s try this again. 
No cats to knock it down this time. 

A little rain. 

A little TV. 

A little FaceBook. 
I took out the bulk trash,
Cleaned the cat box, 
Changed the air filter. 
And did all the things you do
When you have a new month. 

I called for my interview 
With the ICE people. 
And I’m not sure I’m a good fit. 
I’m not bilingual. 
And that would be
A first order priority. 

It was awesome enough 
To even be considered. 

The housemate never has spoken to me 
Since I asked him to stop making his noise. 
And that’s fine. 
It doesn’t even hurt my feelings. 
It’s actually a relief. 

Next week I’m sorting things out in my room 
So I don’t have to use the kitchen for coffee
Or anything in the morning. 

interstellar blends

Ceremonial Grade Green Tea. 

Pine Pollen. 

My fave. 
It’s a mushroom blend. 

I used nootropics since 1995. 
And I love them.
I see the value. 

Nebula. Seven Sages. 
Nebula. Thermo. 

I mix them up every day 
A different blend
So I don’t develop a tolerance. 
Well. That’s the theory. 

I’m certainly not an herbalists. 
But they help with energy 
And clarity. 

Interstellar Blends. 
I am not associated with them at all. 
I just like them. 
I do some modified dry fasting 
And they use this. 

I tried the dry fasting 
But it’s too hot at work. 
Soon. When it’s not over 100° F   

I do believe in dry fasting.
I try to limit my water. 
12 hours dry. 
But really super hydrated 
on the other 12. 

More to come! 

28 August 2019

NSV day

The secret to a good sleep 
Is not to eat too late at night. 
Or drink. 
So you don’t have to go pee. 
Problem solved. 

Even had a nice bright salad. 
No croutons. 

Planning for the future 
When you are involved with 
Unpredictable people 
Is hard. 
But we’re used to doing hard things. 

You have to make 2 sets of plans. 
IF someone’s spouse (or family) dies...
And IF they leave them a small fortune...
THEN that person 
Stay ... or go....

If they leave, they’ve more than likely 
Been planning it all along. 
But they make it look like it 
Was spontaneous. Why?
To blame you and justify 
cutting you off. 

I used to think the current politics 
Don’t represent the will of the people. 
Well, in a way- they very much do. 

They represent the part 
that grabs all they can 
And micromanaged everyone. 
But not themselves. 
Some animals are more 
Equal than other animals. 

Having said that, I was recruited 
By a Travel Nurse Company 
That lands government contracts. 
I guess because I’m Army. 
They want to interview me 
For a nursing position in an 
ICE Detention Center. 

I would love love love to go. 
This company also has the contracts
For the IHS - Indian Health Services. 

So they’re big players. 
I have an telephone interview 
Later today. I’m excited! 

If I stay or if I go, 
If I do Travel Nursing
Or just vacation...
I sit content. 
I’m happy to go or stay. 
Based on my choice. 
Not the will of something completely 
Out of my control. 
Like someone else’s crazy 
Gaslighting behavior. 

I guess that’s the biggest NSV
I’ve ever had. 
I’m fine. And I’ll create ways
To be fabulous either way. 

I constructed it such that no 
Borderline Personality type can 
Sabotage or trick or pull the rug out. 

I wish I had learned this when I was 30. 
Better late than never. 

But I’m kinda a slow learner. 
It wasn’t too long ago that I learned 
I can’t eat like a teenager 
All my life and not gain weight! 

At least now, I’m a Happy Learner. 
And I’m not fighting the information. 

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