30 April 2016

traffic snafu-s

You can send off for eye glasses to try on on home.
Did you know? Warby Parker. (link)
And NO, I don't work there.

RaceTrac has hot boiled peanuts.
None for me - more for you.

I'll stick with this!

Rain - I happen to like it

What a rough week this one was!
The traffic from Denton to Dallas 
Is like in overdrive.
Well, more like "under drive."
More like "standstill."

Couple of wrecks. 
One Nurse friend sat in traffic 5 hours on the way home.
I was lucky - I only had a 3 hour drive. 

I like to think I can still do all the things I need to get done.
Shopping, cooking, laundry.
Not running out of gas.
And smiling!

23 April 2016

a flower blog

This will now be a flower blog. 
Along with being a blog about eyebrow tweezing.
Also Nootropics.

Please to enjoy!

19 April 2016

wicked count down

All the Wicked art is awesome -

This will be the last time Wicked is in Dallas

For a while, at least!

It took almost 6 months of daily waiting....

I was in the right place at the right time

Scored some tickets to Wicked 
For Sherri's PhD Graduation present!

I get to tag long just for fun!
This will be my 4th time seeing Wicked.
Little Rock, San Antonio,
L.A. and now Dallas.

I love Wicked - and I just can hardly wait!

17 April 2016

early birthday

MMMM..... PUFA bird salad

Corner Bakery is nice because you can sit there 
All day (almost) and no one bugs you

A Birthday celebration - early

Since Sherri's Birthday is on the same day as Shakespeare,
I found some cool related gifts.
You can't see it very well, but those are Shakespeare Socks!

What to you give to a person who has everything?
I found some old vintage post cards from TWU
And Denton. Perfect for a Pioneer Woman.

Oh - and this Montage effect is from an online photo app 
Called Fotor (link)

Happy Birthday, Sherri!

14 April 2016

it is spring somewhere

Just maybe not here... 
Per Se

The Construction nightmare is all there is on the roads...
For how many years now?
T'was ever thus...

Managing to get a wee bit of spring cleaning done.
Taking out things - that I was in the middle of taking out - 
When I broke my leg last year.

Hit the brakes... and that is all there is to that.

Typical office offerings...
Easy enough to fix!
Throw away the bread and eat the middle.
No worries... no muss .. no fuss.

Ever wonder what the inside of a PICC line looks like?

Aye - it is smiling - and wants you to get well soon!

Sure why not - paint it all blue

Typical skies these days...
Partly cloudy with a chance of ... Denton.

I did not earn this pin.. but it sure is funny!

But I did earn this...
Army Achievement Medal
(First Oak Leaf Cluster)
Which means I have 2 Army Achievement Medals.

And this ODS in SWA
Operation Desert Storm

I was reviewing my blog...
I was looking for a nice picture.
A picture of some steak or ribs or something.
All these meals.. You would think 
There would be thousands of meals.
But no.
That gave me pause.
Maybe I have some work to do?

God - what a day!