15 November 2011

cooking oils and omega 6

Canola Oil

Soy Bean Oil

Olive Oyl
Not bad for nearly 90...
Goes great with spinach...


Olive Oil

Corn Oil

Peanut Oil


Coconut Oil
Hmmm... maybe not the "bad guy" 
you once thought it to be?

Good Old Fashioned Butter
The kind from a cow! The REAL stuff.

All oils are one table spoon portion.
Or as close as possible to one serving would be.


Don't even go there 
Trans fats are not your friends!

Chia Seeds and Flax Seeds /meal
Not exactly cooking oils... but still, edible
With good amounts of Omega 3... this is 1 ounce.
Just not a lot of potential for DHA/EPA
With a pretty high exposure to Omega 6 as well!

Wikipedia also has vast info on the oils (link)
And all this food/oil data can be found  here (link)

It is my true pleasure to compile this data.  
I sincerely hope this helps you
In a very personal and meaningful way!
In your kitchen, your body - your very life!
Information is power- 
Now we can choose "more wisely!"
Bon appetite!


  1. Also remember that some of the Omega 3 - and even 6's
    Can get damaged in the cooking process - with heat - or overuse!

  2. I only use coconut and olive oils...and butter of course.

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