16 November 2011

radical theories

Pasteur was ridiculed 
For his ridiculous theory of "germs."
Right. Little, tiny, invisible creatures lurking.

Soap has a history that is very recent!
Kinda went with the germ theory.

Marie Curie and Radium.
She and her husband sorted through 
literally TONS of soil to find a few grains
of something called "radioactive" 
something or other...

Florence Nightingale -
The "Lady With The Lamp"
transformed the image and reality of Nursing 
from a bunch drunken slobs ...
into a profession focused on compassion,  
and total commitment to patient care.

Nystatin - discovered and developed by 
Elizabeth Lee Hazen and Rachel Fuller Brown.
First isolated in New York - hence the name:
NY stat-in!

Robert C Atkins
was actually called up before Congress
to testify about not eating bread.
And carbs.

Malaria gets its name from "Bad Air" 
[mal - aria]
And was never associated with vector-borne illnesses....
like a mosquito! Until it was proven!

BellaDonna - literally means "Pretty Woman" (link)
Came from ingesting large amounts of
Deadly Night Shade - a pretty toxic way
to get large, round pupils!

And now comes Omega 3's,
And the Essential Fatty Acids.
And the PolyUnsaturated Fatty Acids!
All the micro-nutrients.
Perhaps we are at the beginning of a new
understanding of what we eat!
And how it shapes our lives.
Might be time to re-think some old ideas.
Might be worth looking in to!


  1. It is so hard to know which plan to follow. I guess we just have to choose one and follow it and see where it gets us. I know that I lost my weight doing both lower carb and lower fat. I should never have strayed from that plan. It seems like I am able though to get away with more fat than I thought I could but I can't get away with any extra carbs. Keeping it very low is the only thing that ever worked for me.

  2. I never knew that Dr Atkins had to testify in front of Congress!!!

  3. I feel better when I take my fish oil tablets. And for the past two months, I've been eating daily amounts of chia seeds and nuts. My recent lab on Nov, 12, 2011 was: Cholesterol 158, HDL Cholesterol 51, Chol/HDL Ratio 3.1, Triglycerides 155, LDL Cholesterol 76.

    But a year ago on Nov 18, 2010: my numbers were 141, 49, 74, 2.9 and 90. The only thing I am doing different now: no bread, no high fructose corn syrups, and soda pop. BUT I know I have been more sleep deprived this year and I think this has had more bearing on my health than forgoing bread and soda pop.

  4. I am always up for radical new ideas.


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