30 September 2021

window trick or treatment

Started out as toile. 
Which I had just escaped from. 

My previous company 
Was “twall” and pink. 
And crazy nurses like
“One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”

I put up black. 
A few years ago. 

Now Purple. 
I want to paint the walls. 
I hate pink. 
I loathe pink.

Whazzzzup, Fergus! 

This year, a twist! 
I like to change things up 
Every few years. 
Just because I do. 

My inspiration. 
West Side Story. 
The movie. 
Maria’s bedroom. 

Kitten approved! 
I’d like to thank the A-CAT-omy…

love work

More activity during the day 
Is better sleep at night 

Went to a little neighborhood park. 
Dallas has hundreds of parks. 
Some are paved,
Some are connected,
Some are bike trails,
They’re always maintained 
And very safe. 

It doesn’t look like much,
But it was a good walk for me.

I went from “poor”
To “good” to “average”
To above average! 
Since I’ve been home from the hospital. 


Not flat terrain. 
I needed my poles. 

Blue Skies
And no low carb pies. 
Not any more. 

Chicken Salad. 

No sharing the Steak. 

I did my first touch up. 
Not my hair. 
It turned out perfect! 

So I love my job. 
I love my career! 
Nursing is never easy. 
It’s much much much worse
During The Covid. 
Covid 19
Covid 20
Covid 21
Covid 22. 
And the banned played on. 

29 September 2021

made a decision

His part time job 

2 sergers and regular machine 

   I walked in on these 2 

Chicken Salad 
With Pork Rinds. 

New York Strip Steaks. 
Done in the Suis Vide. 

I’m not always happy with Nursing right now. 
It’s hard to stand in solidarity 
When you don’t agree. 
But I will stand - since 
I’m not ready to leave Nursing. 
Not just yet. 

28 September 2021

not sugar free

Sleeping like 12 hours 
On my days off. 
Pure luxury. 

I had 4 little Russell Stover 
Candies I thought were sugar free -
They weren’t! 

In n Out 
Double Double 
Animal Style Protein Style 

Spicy Sausage. 

Sounds good!

The Queen is low carb
When not entertaining 
Heads of State. 

Watching old movies 
When I have the place to myself. 
Which isn’t very often. 

I guess a normal person 
Can gain and /or lose
5 to 10 pounds a year. 

Formerly Obese people can do that 
In a week. It’s crazy. 
It’s all water. 
What else could it be? 

27 September 2021

double whammy

It says I did stairs but I didn’t 

Had 2 of these 

So when the phone rings
And it’s a distant family member-
You think it’s going to be a death. 
Like on Grace & Frankie
Always attending yet another funeral. 

So my dear sister. 
Ex Hippie 
Hard life - defiant -
This is one of her paintings.
May she rest in the peace 
She sought in life. 
Peace- out. ✌️ 

🎶 Meeeeeeemories 🎶 
All alone in the moooooonlight

I’m ready for my Catnip now