31 October 2019


When you fast but you’re too hungry. 
It’s a learning curve. 

This chicken was so good. 
Splenda brown sugar 
Spicy mustard, and garlic. 
What an odd combination. 

I like the blends even more now. 

The sum totality of my day. 

When I broke my leg,  
For Halloween I went as
Dr House. Sans Narcotics. 
A broken leg and no narcotics. 

One of the local kids 
does face painting -
I’m going as Queequeg! 
Can’t wait. 

30 October 2019

poblano rolleno

Everyone needs a friend like Pete. 

He made this and brought it all
To my house for dinner. 



I’ve been resisting the urge to have wine, 
Coffee, and Junk. 

I prefer the Blends! 

I’m telling you-
My hair is coming back in darker ! 
They’re doing something. 

I’ve been very calm and happy, too. 
Strange confidence. 
I wish I had this feeling mall my life. 
Is this what people are 
*supposed* to feel like? 

Must be the adaptogens. 

the act of reading

The film maker himself 
Mark Blumberg! 

It’s a film about a high school student 
Who failed English 
Because he didn’t read his assignment-
Moby Dick. 
He went back and found his teacher 
And the film is a documentary 
On reading, life, Melville- 
Showing at the lovely and historic 
Texas Theatre 

Texas Theatre in Oak Cliff 

29 October 2019

busy day

Ahhhh 12 more hours 

My favorite kind of day. 

Perfect for sleeping. 

That’s me right now. 

The South of France 
Would be a great place 
to spend a month 
On vacation. 

My Ex once gave me 2 big firm pillows. 
For putting against the headboard 
So as to read in bed, sitting up. 
I told her I never would use them. 
I use them every day. 
Pure luxury. 

28 October 2019

it is well

Big trend Keto
Net Carbs. 
Good luck with that. 

Keto and Paleo 

The secret is to bring food
To work until I get strong enough 
Mentally- to fast. 

I keep getting hungry 
and having to start over. 

27 October 2019

a new normal

Low and slow. 
Just like I like it   

A new feature of the iOS update.

Heart Rate Variability. 
I’m still not convinced. 
They 2 separate algorithms.  
I would think they want low variability 
During sleep. 

Mine is  low. 
Indicates stress. 

Just ok. 
I broke my fast before I planned. 
Double shifts back to back 
are hard when you’re 30. 
Much less 60. 
Not an excuse. 
But  work has to come first. 
Because the world is crazy. 

It won’t always be this way. 
But it is this way now. 

I just don’t have the mental energy 
To devote to a fast right now. 

Another day. 
Another shooting. 
This time in Greenville Tx. 

Lovely fog. 

2 ounces. 
The perfect amount.