15 November 2011

farm vs wild salmon

It looks so  pretty - so cool - so awesome.
A wonderful way to get a plate full of omega 3's!

Trout fishing in america!
Um... not that kind of Trout Fishing In America.
Although I love that kind, too! (link)

More like the salmon kind!
So - ya go to the store. For to get some salmon.
Look at the choices!

All salmon are about the same, right? 
Um.... no! Not even close.

Farm Raised Salmon are kept in tanks like this.
Or even in vats on dry land.

Now - let's not even worry - for now - 
that the Salmon can't spawn and swim upstream
and all the Salmon things they love to do. (link)

Let's not even talk about genetically modified salmon
and everything that happens there. (link)

OR the dirty rotten things that happen to the fish in the tanks...
Things like overcrowding and unhealth. (link)
Or that they are forced to eat genetically modified 
corn and soy in fish chow pellets... (link)

Or that the Farm-Raised Salmon
have food coloring added to the flesh to make up
for lack of krill in the salmon's diet.
All of these "fancy" brands are farm-raised salmon
with color added! That's a lot of color!

We will limit our discussion just to the 
Omega 3 properties of both fish.

Remember that we want to increase the omega 3 -
but not so much the omega 6.
And keep both numbers down to a dull roar.
No more than 10% of over all diet from PUFA's
From all the PolyUnsaturated Fatty Acids.

The Farm Raised Salmon have double the Omega 3
But look - at the Omega 6!
And the total fat. Those numbers are more like beef!
2500 mg is 2.5 grams

The stats on beef. The "mortal enemy" of 
many an ill-informed dieter. Beef is not so bad, eh?
Not when you know what to look for.

Atlantic Salmon is Farm-Raised Salmon!
Atlantic Salmon is actually a near endangered species. (link)
So most of the "Atlantic" Salmon are actually Farm -Raised. (link)
When the package says Farm-Raised... or does NOT
specifically say "Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon" ...think twice!

It will almost always be worth the little extra price 
to get the Wild Caught Alaska Salmon!

Hope you are having a great day!


  1. This picture is me ordring my salmon from Alaska -

  2. More goof info. No I know what to look for when I shop this week.

  3. Good, I mean. Wasn't wearing my reading glasses.

  4. FYI from Dr. Oz: Canned "wild caught salmon" is just as good for you as fresh wild caught salmon. I use canned salmon most of the time. At least I know what I'm getting. I don't trust restaurants to provide what they're advertising on their menus. Usually meat counters in good grocery stores are honest about where their salmon comes from. At least I hope they are.... Good information, Anne.

  5. I heard that farmed salmon is basically corn fed and is SOOO bad for you in terms of inflammation, unlike the wild caught stuff.

  6. E Jane - this is one of those times where Dr Oz is right!
    And didn't ride both sides of the fence.
    I wrote to Chicken of the Sea personally to have this same
    discussion about their salmon and mackerel products!

    Karen - lol!

    Low Carb Daily - it's true - and there are valid reasons why!


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