30 June 2023

light in the tunnel

Healing indeed

Wella Wella Wella 
Tell me more, tell me more
Time for T18

Monthly log shot. 

From 2013. The Group Home. 
I did the box, the rocks,
And the plants. 

Froze some protein shakes. 
Trying to make ice cream. 

TicTok filters. Scary. 

29 June 2023

happy new year

Woke up today 
In a great mood. 
I feel that COVID is largely behind us. 
We emerge victoriously 
Into this brave-ass new world. 

Eid meal for the extended family. 

Grandmother gave some Goat Liver
And I didn’t like it one little bit. 
Nope. The spices. Nope. 

Everyone in my house is taking it easy
This summer. All liquid proteins. 

Freeze them and you have low carb,
Low fat, high protein “ice cream”. 

I got my schedule rearranged. 
Just the way I like it. 
5 shifts is 60 hours-
So I’ll get a little overtime 
And yet not work myself to death. 

28 June 2023

Eid Mubarak

Welcome to home health nursing. 
When I was on vacation, the little patient 
Ended up in the hospital ER
- Which we knew he would- 
Simply because other nurses
Can’t follow instructions. 
It’s a crime. 
And a crying shame. 

Dr Google shows how it’s done. 
Oral care is mandatory 
For mouth-breathing people. 
They have poor swallowing-
So they pocket saliva,
And it builds up. 
[Unless the kid drools.]
Like as much 60 ml (2 ounces!)
Falls to the back of the throat. 
Prevention is the best medicine. 

And if the relay team doesn’t 
Keep it going, we drop the ball. 
And the patient pays the price. 

Pride everywhere. Lol. 

On the other hand, 
Don’t give a hug to a faker
Who thinks he’s fooling you with 
Mushy-gushy sweet talk. 

A week away! NaBa CuSrTi!
Chemists view of the world. 

Good advice from Family Dollar. 

Got a Pomodoro timer. 
Pomodoro is Italian for tomato. 
This timer technique helps the kids
Focus- since we can do almost anything 
Bit by Bit. 

Kids and Nurses. Lol. 

I started taking Delta 9
(Hemp and legal)
For sleep. It helps more than anything. 
I wonder if you tweaked 
The pH, would it change 
The onset? Or half-life?

From 2012 

COVID. The day the 
Earth Stood Still-
And then imploded. 

This will always be the answer. 
Regardless of the question. 

A beautiful sight. 
We’re happy tonight. 
Walking round in women’s underwear!

All 3 Nurses simultaneously 
Thought today was Thursday. 
Nope. Just Wednesday. 

Eid is like New Year’s Day 
With Christmas and Thanksgiving 
Rolled up into one. 
Here’s to new starts. 
We apparently keep needing them.  

27 June 2023


Driving through the neighborhood. 
The entire lot was covered with trees. 

I know a guy who pooped 
At work. Only at work. 
He called it Satan Shitting. 
15 minutes a day to poop. 
15 minutes x 5 days = 75 minutes. 
That’s 3,750 minutes free. 
That’s 62 hours a year. 
That’s a paid vacation. 

Blue skies and Low Carb Pies. 
Remember that website? Good days. 

The menu for today 
A delightful fiber sandwich with protein,
Caffeine, and Kratom

So. I have to calm down.