31 October 2023

coldy locks

Puffy cotton balls 
Bad winter a-comin’?

Cold weather means Covefe. 

Scary. Lots of arthritis pain
In the busted knee. 
My right knee. 
Needs heat. And a knee wrap. 

Ghosts of Halloween past. 
Nurse Karen 
Little Pirate
Little Skeleton 
Dr House

Even though I never became 
Miss Universe, or Miss America,
And even though I gained 
15 pound after my knee injury, 
And even though I have had 
COVID like 4 freaking times, 
I’m still a-pluggin’ along. 

Lots of stretching. 
I actually had to move my bad leg
By grabbing my pants leg. 
So it CAN flex and extend 
But with some passive assistance. 

I used to have trouble with
 October November and December. 
And just accepted the fact 
That I would always gain during the holidays. 
At least 10 pounds. 
Then spend 6 months dropping it. 
That was Pre-Atkins! 

30 October 2023

weather kitteh

Early morning walk. 

Even the birds of a feather 
Were flocking together. 
Wind was 35 mph from the North. 

Temp drop tonight! And floods. 

I post these stats to maybe 
Inspire someone -somewhere-
 that Recovery is possible. 

Getting my HRV up to 
The 50s consistently. 
Deep Breathing is key. 

It took a year. 
And lots of True Cardio. 

Was late for work. 
Picture it. 5 am. My place. 
Could NOT find my glasses. 
Now. After 60+ years of
Living with myself 
… I know my weaknesses. 
I leave my stuff in one place
- The same place- 
Everyday. Generally by the door. 
👻 Ghosts? No. 👓 
A handy housemate picked my 
Glasses up by mistake. 
Now - off to work I go. 
Mystery solved. 

Before and After 
The desk. 

The Age-Old Dilemma. 
Who wants to help me plant the wheat?
Who wants to help me grow the wheat? 
Harvest the wheat? Clean the wheat?
Bake the bread ?

Not I, said the Cat,
The Rat, the Dog, the Frog,
The Pollywog. 

Who wants to help me eat the bread!!!????
Everyone. As usual. 

AI thinks I am a young boi. 
Kinda cute, eh? 

Hipster Santa. Lol. 
🎃 🎅 🎃 

29 October 2023

cold front

Foggy windshield days 

Got on all 4s 
And cleaned the floor. 
The messy floor. 

Before and after the cleaning. 
I used Angry Orange. 
It cleans great and smells great. 

Found some old pictures. 
This is maybe junior high. 
I wasn’t a heavy teen. 
But I thought I was! 
I weighed 128 most of high school. 
I didn’t do sports- I did band. 

College 17? 18? 19? 
I gained weight my first year of Uni
- The dreaded Freshman Fifteen-

7 years ago, I met my housemates. 
So now, my 7 years good luck 
Can begin. 

All Pediatric Nurses 
Love love love Halloween! 
We get to play. Lol. 

28 October 2023

full send

Another day. 
Another 6 Shrimp twice

And 2 protein shakes. 

A wee slice of frozen solid
Key Lime Cheesecake. 
Honestly/ this is like 3 bites. 
Oh well. Cheat Day. 

Homeless people live 
In these construction barrels. 

Off to work. Lol. 
I’m still firm in my 
“Letting Go” phase. 
Not interested in anything 
that hurts more than it helps. 

27 October 2023

deal or no deal

This is in a predominantly Muslim 
And Hindi community  (95%)
Probably a Vietnam Vet era
Christmas protest keeper guy
Boomer Mercia! 
Lol love you guys. 

It’s not even Halloween yet. 

What could possibly go wrong? 
Well, it Coke does it
They must know what’s going on. 
Typical logic. Lol. 

Took my little walk. 6 am. 
Looking for heart rate recovery data. 

I always sleep twice. 
I don’t mean to;
I just always have. 
Bi-Phasic sleep is for manual laborers. 
I get my deepest sleep then. 

Mommy - it wasn’t me!!!

Paul Gross from Due South 
And now King Lear. 
He’s always cutting edge. 

Paul Gross is my age. 

Medium scrubs! 
With pockets! 
They look like they have been 
In the bottom of my closet for a year. 
That because it’s true. They have.