25 November 2011

yukky yukky mackerel

Egg "nog" from raw eggs with a little cream 
and cinnamon..mmmm.

I like Truvia now... trying something new -
A little different from Splenda.
3 carbs... so we'll see!

Take Mackerel, for example. This is new to me.
Yukky yukky poor little stinky Mackerel.
I washed off the skin and scales.
They even have little fins on top.

Took out the bones.  
Seems to me that we never touch our food.
Especially if it is yukky.
It had better not be too yukky. 
Or maybe we shouldn't be eating it!

Dipped it in a bit of coconut flour.
Mackerel and other fish are
already cooked in the can. I just like them heated.

Fried in some bacon drippings. 
Watch the temp!
Omega 3's don't like it too hot!
Just to give it some crust.
Still part of my 100 days of Omega 3's!

All ready and served in about 2 minutes!
I used Malt Vinegar and some Dill Butter.
It was awesome!
And not so yukky.
Not so yukky at all!

How's your day going?


  1. I'm completely wiped out. Too tired for mackerel or any other fish. I think I will hit the bed early tonight.

  2. I don't like touching bones etc. Gives me the shivers!!!

    The nog looks good!

  3. This reminds me... I once read that if you dip your mackerel in water with lemon juice in it, it rinses away most of that mackerelly smell. Hmm... that MIGHT even convince me to eat mackerel, LOL!

  4. Noooo lovely Lovely mackerel - Mmmmmmmmmm

  5. Happy to have stayed away from the BF pepper spraying shopper freaks! Yay for online shopping!!! I have a ton of free Splenda from coupons, but haven't used it. I like almond milk with cinnamon, that tastes a little like eggnog. Your drink looks yummy. Mackerel? Haven't tried it--but love salmon!


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