01 November 2011

wheat's up, y'all?

If anyone is keeping away from wheat - 
if only for a couple of weeks...
Maybe for a month...

I'm curious - how is that going for you?
Any problems?
Andy good things?
Any one? Ferris? Anyone?

Just keeping informed is all it takes...

No program to buy... just see for yourself
If going gluten - free is really all they say it is!

If so - it might just change the quality of your life!
And THAT is really what it's all about!
That's what ALL of this is about, really!

Hope your day is great!


  1. Anne what is the difference between glutten and wheat or is it the same thing....I can look it up too. I am now going by James list he posted....have a fab day. I hope to be able to give you a report in two weeks. yeah.

  2. I love love the first photo. amazing colors. have I told you your an amazing person. well you are.

  3. I'm trying...really. I was proud of the progress I made with my menu and at the gym. I decided to take a week off from the gym and totally lost it. I'm back to square one. I'm looking at the new month as a chance for a grain free fresh start.

    I love your photography!

  4. Thanks, Cinner - you are a pretty amazing gal, yourself!

    Autumn Rose - When ever I mess up, it never satisfies like
    I think it will. Then - back to square one!

    Miz - you are! ALL THAT!

  5. I didn't really go GF this month, but I've been way stricter than usual on doing low carb plus no low carb tortillas etc... but I know that the shredded cheese I've been eating has gluten in it... Anyway, I feel pretty great!


  6. I am wheat free for two months. My tummy isn't yucky any longer. I don't live on Tums. No headaches. I have an interest in life that was not there. And I am losing weight without trying. Wheat is out of the picture permanently for me.

  7. Actually my daughter is going dairy free this month and next month? Wheat free!!

  8. I took a break on Wheat Free for a week after discovering I gained 5 pounds. So I ate a crap ton of chocolate and pizza and tothis past 5 days and here today at my doctors for a surgery consult I stepped on the scale and I had lost 9.3 pounds!!! WTF? Not sure what to make of wheat free...however...I can say I FELT better going wheat-free. Just didn't lose weight. I will have another go. Still reading the Wheat Belly book---and my thyroid tests normal. If I make wheat-free a long term lifestyle choice--it won't be for losing weight. Just feeling better.


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