30 April 2013

the forgotten blog

It's a good thing

Making Guac

In and Out

Got a Grass Fed Beef Burger at Elevation Burger....
Slipped right out of the bag...musta been all that bacon

Turned out ok though...
Very good, in fact

The tank holds 15 gallons... my bad

Got my hair done... at least that!
Too busy for my own good!

This growing up shit is good and all....
But I should have done it when I was 30...
maybe even 20 - Bah!

27 April 2013

fat bread step by step

Get a measuring cup for 
Mac Nuts...this should do nicely

Actually, 1 cup is more like it!

5 or 6 eggs

2 cups of coconut flakes -
Or 1 cup of coconut butter 
(Hard to find here, for some reason)

I like to get them all in order, 
Like they do on cooking shows

1/2 teaspoon of salt, rounded teaspoon of baking soda,
Two table spoons of lemon juice

Get out Ye Olde Cuisinart

And yes - I wear earplugs -
It is loud!

I add a glob or two of Almond Butter
For a better consistency
(Not in the original recipe... Becky found that it 
Goes better with some almond butter,
Since we are not using coconut butter)

Looks thick and dense to me

Bake at 350 for 30 minutes
(Depends on your oven, eh?)

Clean up is easy when you clean as you go!

Out of the oven and ready for butter!
I make this almost every week.
Good stuff!

So that is all there is to it!
Recipe by Free The Animal (link)

26 April 2013

a week to go

In one week from tomorrow, I leave for Houston
For the Low Carb Cruise!

Of course, there will be LC friends

And all kinds of fun things to do and see

All kinds of excursions

All kinds of food

Most of it is perfect for a LC diet

The Carnival Magic at night

Last year was my first Cruise - evah

Looks like Cruise eye candy!
Can't wait to go - wish you could go with me! 

*Now accepting volunteers for tomato-watering services!*

24 April 2013

watering days

It's 48 degrees here... but not for long -
Summer is always just a week away in Texas

Too optimistic here?
Nightshades need moar sun, they say...

The sweet little tomato and strawberry plants are doing nicely -
They enjoyed a lovely fish drink with seaweed.... yum for them

Whilst I had this Quiche

I as pretty tired of veggies... and dairy... 
but I do like quiche...
Decisions, decisions... lol

This Sugar Free Cheese Cake was also good -
From the awesome guys at Sugarless DeLite (link)
We are lucky to have such a great store in Dallas....
And now that I have moved, they are 5 minutes from me!
(They also do mail order)

My goal is to get everything 100% "Ship Shape"
By Cruise time - (lol)

Thanks, Becky for the countdown art! (link)

23 April 2013

happy day

Siri said it all -
"I aspire not to greatness,
but to usefulness."

Lots of amending going on here!

What is missing?
Ain't nobody got time for pulling weeds!
*runs off to get some mulch*

Nice and healthy -looking

They will be loving their place in the sun!

Throw off the bun - 
And save it for the ducks

NOW it's Happy Birthday to Sherri!


22 April 2013

now and then

Got the desk into the closet..
With pics, an office chair, fans, and lights. 
Next - the new computer!

The top of the door was one thin shave
from closing all the way... not any more!

Made some beef ribs.... Fell right off the bone

Lots of watering and tending soil and gardens...

Found out from Soil School that the regular dirt
Needs amendments - like organic compost and manure

Better than a CrossFit work out of the day!

I am still amazed that you stick a seed in the ground -
And out comes a veggie!

Looks a Med Tray... 
Take two organic veggies and call me in the morning! 

Made little steps while the grass grows

I get a kind of puffy, shaggy look when I am uber busy.
Too little protein? Too much coffee?
Lack of sleep?
A nice hair cut can't hurt to return process -
And, for the millionth time - back to Zero Carb for a day or so.
For me - it is not easy to stay on ZC.
But I am losing my taste for Salad and most Veggies...
So, we'll see.

Hope your week is going great!