24 May 2024

conservatory of flowers

The SF Conservancy Of Flowers 

Star of the show Mr Bumble 

An Iber driver said (jokingly?)
There are more dogs in SF-
Than children. lol 

My Dear Mother LOVED flowers
And she LOVED San Francisco. 
It’s like she was here with me. 

not so funny

I’ve seen the magic 4 times 
But i actually fell asleep in the show. 

Get thee to a nunary!
To sleep. Per chance to dream. 

I have slept 12 + 12 hours
The last two nights 


Painted Ladies 

The Most Famous Street 
In San Francisco 

Cold cold cold and 
Sleepy beyond words. 

23 May 2024

another funny girl

Lazy morning 

Dang Skippy. 
I slept great last night 

Another Rush Ticket 

Lunch and stuff

Out for lunch with the 
Orchestra Guys.