30 November 2010

holiday diets

breathe in
breath out

If this happens,

As Soon As Possible!



Famous people LOVE our diet
They would get real mad


Send to Carb Tripper
Add $10,000 for RUSH delivery

US Dollars, in small unmarked bills, if possible

A Disclaimer

Maybe a few "pounds?" 

(Yeah, British pounds- £)

Confused smile


Thanks Loretta, for another fun Toon Tuesday!
The silliness continues!
I did these all on the Mac in Photobucket...

 Thanks for reading!
Hope everyone is having 
an awesome day!

29 November 2010

fatty farm ville

Oh look, a new game!

First, a little customizing...
Where's WalMart?
Just My Size, please

Rhubarb? Are you stinking freaking kidding me?
I want the SnoCone Tree!

Grass-fed, double bacon cheeseburger, please
Farming is alot of work!
Burns alot of calories, I betcha!
Time for a snack?

A little Log Cabin in the woods would be just fine!
Whaddaya mean  - "I have to earn it!"
This game is unfair!

Even the Wizard Duck would cry "Foul!"
They should have a workout and diet game....
Spending time in the gym... shopping....
Hmmm - great idea!

"Forget this - I'm going next door to the cafe!"

Welcome!  Table for two?
Ah -- Home free!
Hope your week is filled 
with less shock and more awe!

28 November 2010

blogs and kisses

Hope everyone had a great, extended
Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend!
Cool and windy and overcast in DFW lately.
Then suddenly sunny!
Except not so much at night.

I'm not allergic to turkey per se,
just really sensitive to it - I just avoid it -
This is chicken w/brats and green beans.

For the first time in maybe 30 years, 
I had Thanksgiving off. *gasp!*
Off from Nursing, but back on for everything else.
A day is a day is a day, sometimes.

Sometimes, the most boring routines 
are the most effective!
And after this year (and a half) of whirl-wind blogging
and weight-loss activities, my sense o' time and space 
is off-kilter a wee little bit. We went sooo fast, that 
anything, by contrast, would now seem s-l-o-w!

I'm givin' it full power, Captain -
It's all she's got!

Throw in a mid-life crisis or two, 
and well, you get the idea!
I am taking my time to adjust to the recent changes 
in my life, in order to make the changes "stick" better.
Recovery .... Discovery .... Un-covery
Winking smile

Also, taking my Baby Mac into the Geek Squad
for a check up, and to install some new RAM.
Clean up the hard drive.... 

Scored this handy external Hard Drive.
Seems I have too many pics! Go figure.

Hi Ryan!

With something as important as my Mac,
(and blogging - hello!)
 it needs some preventative maintenance!

Kinda like diet and exercise is for health.
As much as I think I know, 
I am really just now "getting it!"
Control Alt Delete!
Try as I might - I couldn't embed this one.
So it's a link. Tracey Ullman on Blogging.
If you haven't seen it - heehee - you might just love it!

Arianna Huffington

Hope your week is off to a great start!
It really is all good, eh?
Just don't "Force Quit" on me!

27 November 2010

x mas marks the spot

Who IS this guy?
I don't know but, his face rings a bell....

Did I mention that I was a Salvation Army Bell Ringer?
Yep - a couple of years ago. Dang cold, too!

Hmmm.... Let's see....
WalMart vs Target - the age old dilema continues

Already frazzled expressions

A drive by light spotting

Santa pleaze already!

Went to the store - haven't been to WalMart in 
forever.... Got alot of things so I don't have to
go back for a good while!

Although, I do go there to get a little walking in...
The Super WalMarts here are so big,
that a couple of laps around (inside) is a mile.
Good for an indoor walk, a change of pace,
and a dozen eggs, dear. And don't forget the milk.

YouTube Video
Mr Bean and the Salvation Army Band

*Blogland seems to have a little twinkle in its eye!*
Everyone is tired, and yet ready to get back into
the swing of things around here!
Well, what are you waiting for?

26 November 2010

holiday pie charts

Seems pretty accurate

Yep  - that's me, alright!

A more detailed look at the "Excuse Factor*y"
Still overweight - in the 25% BMI
 Thanks, FitDay!
Intake chart per week's average
Hey - this is not funny any more!

Just disregard the first few months - they are guesses....
(But good ones, eh?)
My house scale was off by several pounds - (yikes!)
I know this because I finally went to a Doctor!  
(And am making an appointment,
actually, with a NP.)

At any rate - pounds don't matter  "per se"
Yes - I've made great progress - 
But I'm not very healthy yet...
And that is part of the deal! 
Fitness at any size  - and every size!
Is it just me, or does it feel like New Years around here?
Hope your weekend is "shaping up!"
Thanks for reading!

shopping day

Found a pair of jeans
the size I once wore
48 mens

Or to put it another way -
The outer pair is 48's men's
The inner pair is 32's men's
Which is the size I wear now....
An 8-10 women's!

Wow - it made me
Curl up a little - dizzy - woozie -
Caught me completely off guard

My head rolled off of my body
My brains ran out, 
And ran down on the floor....
Just a little.
Someone found them
and gave them back.
But I didn't know what to do with them,
(Since I needed them to solve the riddle...)
So a clerk dusted them off,
And stuck them back in.
Said this happens alot
after weight loss
(But also during weight gain)

At least I didn't try to eat them.
That's SOOOO last year!
Confused smile

I remember the day I had to go up in size to a 24 W...
in a dressing room, at good old WalMart.
I was stunned  - "How...could...this...be??" *sniffle*

But I did eat this - 
From SugarLess Delite -
LoCarb Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread
They are hecka busy this time of year
And yet, they treat me like Royalty!
Love them!

Rather than buy out the store at one time,
I get one or two different DaVinci Sugar Free 
flavorings every month or so.
Between those, and extracts, I have a good selection!

Banana, Plain Sweetener, Strawberry, Kaluah, Irish Cream, Black Berry,
Caramel, Vanilla, Chocolate, Praline, Pancake, Pumpkin Pie

Hope your day is Sweet and Flavored Just Right!