18 February 2014

lc chimichanga

Took a Chook
(a chicken)
And boiled it

I was just amazed at how much meat it had! 

Made this LC Chicken Soup
No Noodles

 LC Chili
No Beans

LC Salad
  LC Chimichanga

Just a LC Tortilla 
Stuffed with Cheese and Cream Cheese
And Meat of your choice.... 
Add your fave spices...
Cook on the stove top or bake

Skirt steak or Fajita Steak 
Takes a while to cook - and chew - 
We used Chicken and Ground Beef

  The amusing House Salad

A flower from my case

Noisy apartment

A lovely sunset  - just in time

15 February 2014

shop and chop


Got this brisket at a Mexican Food Place
But it was way to hot for me

So I gave it away and in exchange,
This cat got to pet me

Best LC Chili I have had in a while.
Chili Meat, Chuck, Tomato Paste,
Water and Spices... lots of em

Valentine's Day is here ... and now it is gone

Anyone use these Salad Keepers?
So far, so good

A chicken in every pot

Lots of shopping and chopping here

I keep little bottles around for cooking....
lol... they make a lot of noise when they clink together!

So I put my two small brain cells together and came up with this:
If I get fired from this Very Hard Case - then so be it.
Not fired from the company - just chosen for a different case.
Things are not like they were 20 years ago 
When I was fresh out from Nursing School!
But I am not going to fret over all the crazy shit!
Crazy Shit will always be with us...
Bless it and release it and let's move on already!

Ahhhhhh.... much letter!

11 February 2014

2 brain cells left

I love to shop and chop and prep all the food

A Hamburger with Ham on it.

Cooking with Sherri

Lots of snow and cold this year.


Scotch Eggs

FatHead Pizza - pretty good (link)

Trying to find ways to stay awake and things to do
on my nights off... Nights suck

They suck the life right out of ya!
I have only 2 brain cells left. 
I am trying to rub them together and come up with a better way.
*Ouch!* It hurts!

01 February 2014

my week in foodie pics

Welcome to my week in pictures!

Keep the car keys in the fridge when you are away from home
And have some food stored in there..

Work is hard and I have a hard case -
They gave me a little bonus!
Feels nice to be shown some happy

Really, I use a glass.
A fancy glass.
Even so, I don't like the idea of drinking wine.
Too many carbs.