28 February 2013

blond3 stunt

These people have been seeing alot of me...lol

Animal Style - Protein Style

RockFish Ahi Tuna

Ahi Tuna Salad and some Wine...
Gotta feed the people who help ya move across town!

Thanks, Amy from FaceBook! 
Got the Ketone Meter - now to do the stick

Pulled a Blonde Stunt and locked the keys in the truck....
That happens every few years, I guess.
I was sitting in a parking lot, blogging...
THEN I found out that the new house has wifi-
Who knew?

Went to a funeral today - for one of my last Hospice cases...
Before I turn into a full-time House Mother.
I need new clothes - can't even pretend 
to wear the old baggy stuff any more! 
Everything - and I do mean everything - 
Is new these days! My mind is still spinning.

Packing and unpacking - hard work!
But I am loving every minute of it!

26 February 2013

now it's official

Once the art work and drapes are gone, it's official!

Painting the new place

Cleaning both!

I am so busy I keep forgetting to eat.
Then I remember when I have to feed Miss Pat...

...Seen here - "pooped out"  amidst the boxes.
Her doctor never took her off of wheat for IBS.
In fact, he told her to up the fiber.
To that, I say - "UP HIS!"

The future is so bright,
I have to have nightshades!

I couldn't sleep the past 2 nights,
So I got up like a crazed woman and packed some more.
There is always something more to when when you are moving!

Some guy used all the tape (not the plastic wrap - duh)
On artwork. Now I'm out of tape - 
AND the paper on the back of my stuff is all messed up.
Then, I left my charger at the other place. 

Once upon a time, I was out of shape, and went to
TacoBeuno in the middle of the night.
Now I am out of tape, and run to WalMart!
Stranger things have happened!

23 February 2013

cook less, move moar

Did the carpet AND prepping the room to paint -
The ton of energy still remains with me

Oops - cooking with glass isn't the same 
as cast iron! Oh well... one less thing to pack!

Chili - on such a Spring Day
Ground Beef, Canned Tomatoes (I know)
Rotel, and spices....I use Garam Masala.
It is all in the spices! 
Topped with Goat Cheese!

LoCarb Roll-Ups, Store-Bought Pimento Cheese,
Home-Made Guac, and Tuna Salad.... 
Too good for words... just chomping!
No cooking.... just eating LC finger foods!

I have not a mixing bowl... 
So this pan will have to do...for now!

No Bake Cheese Cake...
Really, just an adventure in sweeteners!
This is pecan/mac nut crust with butter .... and
Cream Cheese with Key Lime and Truvia/Xylitol...
And BlackBerries!

To lick - or not to lick...
That is the question!

Busy busy busy moving and prepping to move!
And getting some cooking in besides!

22 February 2013

go go gadget anne

'Tis a wet cold Spring-time here in North Texas.
I know for sure that Life has humbled me, at times

Fridge is looking good

Tanka Bites - pretty good - (link)
For a bite of something sweet~ish @ 7 carbs per serving.

Finally getting it all together...
Right before my schedule changes forever!

My new job will allow for MUCH more flexibility
In eating and cooking and working out -
Days off - not so flexible... But for now, that is
A trade-off I will gladly make!

I have worked 60 hours this week -
PLUS moving - and catching up with friends!
And another week just like it is scheduled...
And I am ready to go, go, go!
Food is spot-on....walking - not so much.

Yay - for handy things that make life easier!
The classic Stick Blender -
How did we ever get by without these things!
Love it for adding butter or mct oil to my coffee...
I don't even miss the Heavy Whipping Cream!

20 February 2013

flipping the bird

I was carrying a moving box, and hit a chair -
Which bumped a table, and flipped my bird -
Mr Peepers went flying - but not in the good way!
Seeds and gravel and water and bird poo and feathers were everywhere!
He was squawking and I was mortified that I had killed the poor thing.

Back in the 90's, I had really bad carpal tunnel.
Seen here with my lovely wrist braces.
Almost had to get surgery. The Doc told me to take Vit B6,
And it got better. No surgery needed!
Lately, it has gotten worse. Just the past month or so.
Like typing poorly and dropping things.
And doing the bump-de-bump with poor Peeps.
I know the Monsters have a ton of B Vitamins in them.
Maybe I had better go back and re-create some of the 
Good ingredients from them. They really did keep me going.

I have not changed much in the oils... 
Still obsessed with low PUFA, but getting used to more MUFA
[Practicing for the Group home cooking]

Just an aside, but the shorter chain and medium chains
REALLY do take some getting used to -
Even from an Oil Eater like me!

The Little Garden is growing like crazy.
I guess I was used to cheap nasty little seeds that never sprout.
These things are full of life and energy!

Leftover quiche and steak - 
With a shrimp or two... great lunch!
Not eating much these days...
The food is so rich and wonderful,
I don't get hungry like I once did.

Hope your day is wonderful!

19 February 2013

load by load

Getting there... load by load

OCD packing supplies

Can't move in till the countertops and kitchen is ready.
A few years ago, this would not have been a problem.
Stop by McDonald's and be done with it!

This little patch of land might be a good start for a garden - 

The seedlings are getting pretty big already!

Around town - the Germs are back...
And as you can well imagine -
The Germs and the Nurses are sworn enemies!
Perhaps, in this case,  we could call a truce?

Reading the new book that is all the LC rage:
The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living

A New Friend perhaps?

My energy levels are super!
I am working 3 - 4 days a week AND THEN
Packing and Moving on my days off...
My plan is to pack in reverse order - Furniture first - 
Then I will have someplace to put all my stuff.
It seems to be more efficient  that way.
I have no desire to get it all done in one trip.
That would just be a big mess of boxes in a garage.
Trucky and I will sort it out - in time.
And it's good to have all the time you need,
And not be in a rush!

Hope your week is great!

17 February 2013

cooking for a friend day

Started off with a visit from Miss Brenda...
She comes by about once a week

All decked out in high heels...
Gotta be careful on those stairs, Miss B!

Cooked this Mr Almond bread - (link)
Did not use the stevia... and added half the recipe of mac nuts
Instead of almond butter... wonderful!

Also made this awesome crustless quiche! (link)

Low Carb cooking is all in the prep!

Quality food.... this is Prime NY Strips
I asked the Butcher to leave the fat on!

My new Cow Butter Dish -
From Macy's - of course!
I love Cows!

Awesome Cauliflower Bread Sticks
ala - Your Lighter Side (link)

Ended up with this:
Steak and Shrimp with grilled veggies -
Bacon-wrapped Asparagus, Roasted Cauliflower, Peppers,
Onions, Garlic, and Grilled Avocado

Had a great visit with my friend  -
Lots of good food too!

16 February 2013

fry and fry again

Went to my fave store of all time - Macy's

They have awesome sales - 
Got this ProCustom ll cup Cuisinart  
for the group home.

I am trying to re-learn relearning some basic cooking skills.
And adding some new ones.

When I was heavier, I ate out every meal of every day
With few exceptions. Didn't even own pans!
I haven't really cooked since I took care of my Dear Mother...
And really, I just heated LeanCuisine dinners up for her.
(Forgive me, Atkins - where ever you are)

So after throwing an initial "Baby Fit" 
(More like "Sh*t Fit" if you ask me)
That my first attempt at baking was not a complete, 
total, raging, wonderful, heart-stopping success ---

I decided to learn from my so-called mistakes
And get back on the proverbial horse.
And try again. 
Remember the Purple Chicken? (link)

Live and Learn, eh?
Live and learn.

So this is Fat Bread (link)
 The author himself wrote that the 3rd time was the charm for him!

Mine turned a little green!
Now, after a good night's sleep, I am looking at this more analytically.... 
There is a green~gray tint to the bread...
Mainly on the bottom of the loaf.
Several other people had the same thing happen to them.
Almost like when the sulfur in hard-boiled egg yolks turns green~gray.

Any chemists out there?
Or anyone want some green bread?