30 April 2010

awsome blossom!

How wonderful is this?
To be mentioned by name for such an honour!
Thanks,  266!

266 is one of the hardest working bloggers in Blogland.
She posts twice a day - mostly - and hits the sidebar like a machine!
Her weight is steadily going down, down....
She poses in a similar outfit (before and after pics) with the same background,
Because she KNEW she would be losing it. Right from the start!

And since I love flowers on such a rainy, dark day as today....
Here's a few that I've seen, and taken pictures of this Spring.

The Fabulous Blogger Award says to pick 6 bloggers and pass it along.
There are so many people in my blogging world!
Some of you, I can't do without! 
Some are a true weight-loss inspiration.
Some have never missed a chance to comment on my blog.
This is a small acknowledgement for the ones who share so much of themselves.
Thanks - now you can pass it on!

The REAL Flowers of Spring!     (Yep, that's all of us, alright!)

Carrie at In Transition

Kimberly at K The Phoenix

Kelly at Happy Texans

Monster w/ protein
Atkins bar
Sausage w/ jalapeno and cheese
Coffee w/ cream
Water - never enough.

Craving something today.
Didn't give in - Just have that feeling....
Trying to be patient with myself.
The feeling hasn't really gone away.
This might take awhile....
That's ok
Time is what I've got plenty of !

29 April 2010

Lo Carb kind of day

If only we knew how they really felt...
Everyone knows - it's windy!!

The corner of "Digital" and "Analog" in  Telecom Corridor.
Did he, or didn't he? (Go in the woods...)
Got Charmin?
Our hamburgers are "meatier"
Bet they never hear that one...
Unusual name for a "LoCarb" bar...
This Red Line is a really good thing!
0500 on the treadmill,
and again tonight (a wee bit!)

this bar, cashews,
Monster w/protein x2
Coffee w/heavy cream x1
Raindrops w/roses
Whiskers w/kittens

This just in....

Imagine two more Brussels Sprouts on the plate...
I ate 'em already! Had to see if they were done, right?
Hamburger w/ onion, sausage, 
"dallop" of sour cream, Heinz 57....

Did not eat half of it....just not hungry, I guess!
Not this late in the day.... tomorrow, eh?

28 April 2010

shirataki noodles

A LoCarb stir fry
Shirataki tofu LoCarb Noodles w/ parmesan / reggiano cheese. 
Pan-roasted (we call it "fried") grape tomatoes w/onions in balsamic vinegar.
Prosciutto and a wonderful avocado.
The noodles directions state to "wash thoroughly to reduce the authentic aroma."
That's a nice way of putting it.
2 net carbs per package - 1 per serving.
Water  all day like a little fish
Protein lunch and a hand-squeeze work-out thing.
I try to do a little "something-something" while driving.
"A mystery I can never hope to solve."

Lots of driving, on a nearly perfect Spring day in Dallas Texas, USA!
Comes with everything you see here...
But wait - that's not all!
This fine day also includes
Coffee w/ cream, and an Atkins bar
And if you order now, we include, at no extra charge,
Monster w/ protein - back on track...yay!

27 April 2010

2day 4 u

Traffic is demanding, even for the Smart Car.

A retirement center...
Where I moved from...Easy Street.
(Not the retirement center)
Clear Skies ....at least for today....
Dang it, and I was soooo ready to roll...
It's a LoCarb Conspiracy!
As seen from da street...
Something like that...
Lunch on the run... 
The Great Gilder-Gelding  Shin-Hoof
Well, is it nice, or is it crappy?

Much more protein today...
Hamburger for "brekky" w/ grilled tomatoes
Protein w/ Monster LC Energy Drink
Atkins bar...water all day....water! 
Protein w/ Canada Dry Mandarin Orange
And coffee w/ cream...I switched back to cream
11,500 steps at work already! A busy, random day.

Thanks for sharing my day with me!

26 April 2010

who let the cows out? ♪

♫♪ moo! moo! moo! moo! ♪♫

'Stock In The City
And who let these things out?
What ever they are...

Contemporary retro in mid-north Dallas
fear this

No monster, no protein
No Fear - good but hard to find
Coffee, s/f hot choc, water,
Atkins bar, cashews, 
SF, gluten-free lc bar,
No cooking, AND went to bed early.
I do much, much better on days
when I have the protein.
Just sayin'...