31 March 2024

crazy day

AI drew this for me 

There goes all those vector graphics 
On Fivr. It’s free now. 

Ya ever try to give the
 benefit of the doubt 
To someone didn’t deserve?

I’m over here asking the home owner 
To not evict this dude…and he said
He got constipated, and ran up into
A Quick Trip (7-11) and took a spoon
And dug the shit out of his own ass. 

👀 blink blink. 

What the hell kind of 
dry drunk logic is that? 

Absolutely amazing sleep. 
I owe this to my new hobby. 

Fun thing about cameras. 
You can tell when someone is lying. 
If they say they fed the cats,
You can see if they did. And when. 
This is the second time they missed 
Being fed, since the cameras went up. 
Who knows before that. 

There are some crazy leveraged stocks in here. 
There’s gold in them thar hills! 

I found some stocks and ETFs that 
Pay large dividends monthly. 
I found one that I call my 
Covid Mad Money. 
Every extra shift I worked,
I invested. 
It’s just now starting to add up. 

30 March 2024

seed day

An amazing thing happened yesterday. 
I had a counselor session. 
And I listed all the reasons I didn’t want 
This guy to stay -  or leave. 

All these years of him 
being verbally abusive to me. 
Now she’s ready to kick him to the curb
And I’m begging her not to. 
Odd, eh? 

So my buddy Pete and I got some 
Potting soil.   

And some In -N-Out
And Costco. 
We just did errands. 
My errands. 

I bought seeds this year because 
It’s like 30 times cheaper. 
But it’s good to be able to raise 
a plant from a seed. 
It’s a metaphor for life. 

For 15 years I tell everyone 
DO- don’t stew! 
And “Just start!”
And all the affirmations. 

Now it’s time to pay it forward. 
To myself. 

Body shot. 

Haircut 100 shot 
I like to think I’m turning into a nice-looking 
Old granny. But I’m just getting worn down. 
Mainly it’s hard to live with an 
Alcoholic, immature, narcissistic 
Old queen who thinks 
He is smarter than me and everyone else. 
I honestly think he’s so toxic, 
he could kill ya. 
Just sharing space. 

29 March 2024

counselor day

lol I use to feel that way. 
Now i obviously will be undersold. 
For cheap. 

Family Guy is always good 

I had to force myself to move 

Mental Prison. 
With Old Drumks,
Someone is ALWAYS going to get 
Thrown under the bus. 
That’s why they kept us around. 
To take the blame. 
To take the fall
As an excuse for drinking. 

28 March 2024

hannibal day

I tend to watch the same films 
Over and over. And over. 

6 weeks till vacation. 

Coming up on the anniversary 
Of my hospital visit in 2021. 

My sweet baby. 

27 March 2024

goofy day

The old tree in its previous glory. 

Bad roommates are everywhere. 
This is from Reddit. 

Peeps for Easter 

BitCoin up. 
Bitcoin down. 

Bitcoin is establishing 
itself as a major player. 

From 4 years ago today. 
Remember curfews? 
And essential workers?

Oreos. And yes I ate the creamy middle. 
It was waxy. And kinda gross. 
Not really appealing. 
Light work. No reaction. 

Work is so hard these days. 
The other day nurse had a problem. 
She can’t hear the doorbell 
When the teacher comes. 
All last year. And this year. 
Every week. So the teacher switched days. 
We now have school 3 of my days. 
It’s just as well. 
Why is it that people who don’t do well-
They don’t even know 
That they don’t know! 
They’re blissfully unaware of 
How they impact the world. 
Like my housemate. 
Like my co-worker. 

26 March 2024

AI Kitteh

Kitty got it figured out. 

Time for vacation 

Get some money

China Town SF

GG Bridge, SF

But first, get some money. 

Little more work 

Little more cleaning. 

Little more driving 

Little more cleaning 

All systems are go! 
This was yesterday’s post. 
Since I’m so vexed right now 
I don’t even know what day it is.