28 June 2016

good thoughts, good words, good deeds

Zoroastrian Center of North Texas

One place charges nearly $20 a day to bring meals
Already paid for buy the living plan - 
To bring them to the rooms at a facility...
So many people just eat cookies and junk ...
Tea and Toast

Not so much me any more!
I am back to cooking good protein every day
Tea and Collagen and Meat

Scored this at a garage sale for $4
Now I have some utensils to take to work
Because you know... they all have to match...
Or else....

Gah- too long


So hot out - CoFlex wrap is melting

Freaking rain already!

The neighbors are cooking 
And I brought some goods  -

Not a bad way to spend some time...

More to come - 
More to come....

25 June 2016

blasting the past

I remember driving past this cool thing - 
I had no idea it had a name!

So, it started me thinking about other things 
I was doing in my early LC journey.
And now.

This Wheat Documentary is Free to watch for 5 days.

I was glad to realize I was gluten free - 
And it was a pretty big problem for me

Taking care to watch Carbs
Keep the Inflammation down 
With lower levels of Insulin and Glucose.

This really is a blog about inflammation.

No smoking in the truck, dude! lol
Everybody is on a health kick these days.

High Fat is a big big deal. 
No link because my whole blog is high fat.
BulletProof Coffee is a big thing.
Adding butter to coffee. 
Intermittent Fasting is hot. (link)

GrassFed Beef, Goat Butter,
Local Eggs, 

So 7 years of low carb. People ask if I am better off.
Better off with the weight loss - yes - for sure.
But is Low Carb really a sustainable lifestyle?

 This is from about 2010 and now.
Cameras have more pixels, to be sure.
So more detail. More wrinkles.

But I imagine I am aging ok. 
Keeping off the weight - 
Keeping up muscle mass and SQ tissue.

Keeping up with the younger Nurses in the field -
And the heat ....
Epigenetically I am a happy camper.
Even with my (still) recovering 
Tibial Plateau Fracture.

Low Carb is easy!
Low Carb is not too expensive
No meetings... no products to buy...
Just eat real food!
Nutrient Dense foods.
Real, tasty food. 
Not rice cakes. 
And have a nice day!

24 June 2016


Funny Stuff - 
Why people stillest carbs and junk
When they just get sicker and sicker

Found this at an estate sale

My tastes in decor are like a Nursing Home.
I guess it's better than having Army cots all around

Don't cry too much over spilled coffee... lol

Cool name for a subdivision 

A heaped up mass of rumpled dirty clothes
Just like my life right now.
But colorful and still kinda not too bad.

I got kicked out from a hiking place - 

It was a government place and I did not know

Got kicked out from here too - 
I asked to use the Ladies Room 
And they went off the rails - 
So I left...
Tension around the place is so thick - 
You can cut it with a fork

Speaking of cutting it with a fork - 
Yummy food this week 

Cowboy Chicken in Denton is a local favorite 

Amish Butter is new *big* thing.
Rustic packaging....
Big unformed clumps -
I wonder if it is grass fed... etc...

Traffic and construction and heat -
Oh My!

This is my face.
Determination - or just a bitch?

19 June 2016

out by the horses

The horses jump in the water -
Well... cows, too!

It just so hot here!

This is Pete - 
The Giant Rooster
They had a Garage Sale where Pete lives...
And I scored some nice picture frames

This poor Horse is obviously being interrogated 
By the Central Horse Agency
For grimes against horsenannity...
I wanted to help... but I thought it would be best 
If I just walked away...

People here drive without shoes...
And they all stick their feet out the window... 
Or door... If they had a door...

The sign says "Quit Looking At me"


Horse Beaters and Horse Butt Stickers

Horse Mouth Holders

So many of these all around!

 A pleasant, gorgeous, peaceful night was had by all!