31 July 2023

bye july

One year ago. 
COVID everywhere. 
I stayed outside in the sun
Much of the day. Even dry fasted a little. 

The more I know, 
The more I learn,
The more I think this is the answer. 
Cleanse the body of anger. 
Then things can flow. 

Outlander last night. 
My God! Please quit killing 
Off poor Jamie ! My heart can’t take it. 

DCI Simulcast. 
Lots of fun. 

Did I? 
I did indeed. 
Last watermelon of summer. 

Stayed up late. Getting Elaine ready
For a new tour! 
More to cone about that. 

Every job I’ve lost - 
Every relationship I’ve lost -
There is a strong chance 
Ot ended on 1 August. 
All my jobs and relationships 
Ended on this day. 
On or about. 
I hang out with teachers 
(Well… I DID)
And their new year is 
Back-To-School time. 
So they do all the firing snd dumping
In a tidy package that starts 
On August 1st! 
The evanescent, yet still dreaded day.  

30 July 2023

strong day

We usually get 100 days
Of 100 degrees or more
And no rain for 100 days. 

Added a few breaded shrimps.
They didn't taste good. 
But they tasted better than the food
They served us in Destin. 

Chicken bites. 

29 July 2023

creepy day

Annual Inservice. 

They said I had to do CPR 
on my hands and knees.
 I asked if I could do CPR 
On the desk. Not the floor.  
Because of my knee. 
They said that if I don’t show
That I can get on the floor,
That I can NOT continue to work
As a Nurse. 

Which is not true. 
Lots of Nurses cant get on the floor. 
I would leave this company today 
If the family were here to work. 

Even Monster now has a Alcohol Drink. 
Local IPA drinks are wildly popular. 

More protein. Yes.
But 28 grams of carbs? 

Starbucks Egg Bites. 
8 carbs. 

Reorganizing the bags cabinet. 

Odd. I sense that they are targeting me. 
They want to hire new people 
And pay them much less. 

Also, I witnessed a white collar crime 
At work (Operation Nightengale)
And I think they’re trying to make it 
Look as though I am unreliable. 

28 July 2023

labs July 2023

Hepatic Function is Liver. 
All liver labs are normal. 
When I first started Kratom, 
It was elevated. 

C Reactive Protein was like 10
Then 5 now 3. 
Before covid it wasn’t even 1. 

This is the NMR. 
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. 
Two different magnetic fields 
Perpendicular to each other. 
Takes 4 or 5 days to test. 

It like a Vertical Panel. 
It tests for Fluffy LDL
Or Dense LDL Particles. 

Mine are all nice and fluffy. 
This tests for insulin resistance and 
Insulin Sensitivity. 
Mine was normal. 

H and H is normal. 
In the Hospital, it was 6 and 11
Now its 13 and 37. 
Yay! No more anemia. 

The ratios. 
Always ideal. 
The triglycerides were up a bit. 
Still, 74. Here it says 60,
But thats just how they compute. 
They make an educated guess. 

putting out the fire

Put out one fire. 
Another one jumps ip. 

Doctor visits after the CAC. 
People sre so rude and misinformed. 

Well that sucks. Lol. 
Charger snd the car. 

Have a housemate in music
Is so much fun. 

We all hang out together. 

Paper Moon last night. 
Was filmed in and around 
Hays Kansas. 
Where I went to school. 
Hays had about 2,000 people in 1978. 

I’m so mad about this week. 
My housemate found a “nodule”
During her Scan- and the Nurse Practitioner 
Said oh it’s probably cancer. And you’re 
Going to need a heart bypass! 
Or a stent! OMG. 
She was no casual. No one said
Cancer or disease - they just guessed. 

Then the doctor scolded her 
About even having the scan in the first place! 

People are mean. And not smart.