31 August 2022

last rows of summer

Another day. 
Another chance to make a difference. 

Lol make a difference 
In my own life. 
Can’t make a difference 
In someone’s life
If your life is unhealed. 

Slept like a babe in arms. 
Pulse got down to the 40s. 
I took melatonin and magnesium. 
And CBD. And anticholinergics. 
Which I was already off of. 
I’ve had 4 nightly doses. 
I want to get off them
but they do such a good job 
Knocking me out. Shame. 

Clinic Day yesterday and today. 
I typically walk my butt off. 

I made these corrections. 
You like? 

Ye Olde Body Shot. 

Lol Tuff Guy/ Gal head shot. 
Such a relief to be done 
with the heat of summer. 
I’m not intolerant of heat and cold. 
I like heat. Hot showers. Saunas
But geez! The heat in summer 
In Dallas is unbearable to me. 

30 August 2022

new ideas

Got a special deal for IV
Therapy at Restore Hyper-Wellness. 

The updated Meyers Cocktail. 
Mostly Vitamins B Complex
with C and trace minerals. 
PS: not the most flattering angle. 

It was so cool because
Everyone on the building was a Nurse. 
All the clients. All the staff. 
Nurses need self-care. 

We got to talk about Nursing
In the time of COVID. 
Which is my favorite topic.  

Beautiful Downtown Dallas. 

Delightful Cesar Salad. 
The IV place is right by Trader Joe’s. 

My precious baby boy. 
Such an affectionate cat. 
Hand-raised by me!

Two more rug rats 
On a fresh pile of laundry-
Which my whole room has become. 

Oh well. It just be that way sometimes. 

The last of the Rebel Ice Cream. 
Not for Kitteh! 

I took a whole liter of IV fluid
And didn’t have to go pee. 
Pretty dehydrated. 
This crappy sleep pattern. 
Tons of reflux. 

I’m not sure a PPI can help 
With. Hiatal Hernia. 
Which is my bigger problem. 

COVID through the ages. 
2019  Fresh Faced. Innocent. 
2020 Goofy AF. 
2021 Let’s do this!
2022 Almost done! 

We now have the collective equivalent 
Of a college degree
In COVID - with a minor
In Pandemics, and Quarantine

I’ve  had 3 bad reactions:
😎 2019 mystery illness - ER 
(Probably COVID before it was named)
🥸 2021 Vax reaction 
 (5 days hospital)
🤔 COVID proper 
(10 days sick)
🦠 🦠 🦠 
I’m done with Rona. 

29 August 2022

day one - again

Fun with disco cats

Can I just pet you?

Some one is jealous 

The basis of my blog. 

The second and equal part
Of my blog. And my new blog. 
Ya got be fit enough to get off the pot. 

OMG. This picture is from today. 
But the calander says June. 

28 August 2022

back to busy-ness

And welcome! Bone Appetite!
Lol pranking my housemate with a 
Julia Child mask - lol 

Costco Egg Bites 

Looks like brains. 
It’s actually Sour Cream 
With Franks Hot Sauce for dipping. 

Pike’s Peak

Night sweats every tight 
After COVID. 

No COVID regain. 
That’s a blessing! 
Me: Small. Not small. 
Large. Not large. 
The scale is the same 
But clothes don’t lie. 
Baggy as ever- same size. 

You’re never fully dressed 
without a smile!