31 July 2014

sherri graduates

"Running late - again!" I called to tell Sherri 
I would be late for the Monday night Cooking "Class!"

"No Probs" quoth she!

Sherri put together a wonderful dinner
Using only her imagination and a few Sundry Items

A little prep shopping and chopping.

We CAN follow a recipe - And we have...
BUT we are mostly cooking without them....
And learning how and why things make food taste better!

Fresh Fruit is Summer is a treat

Especially when it comes from a produce stand 

In or near East Texas!

Get rid of the junk food, and 
Don't eat out so much,
And you are more than half-way there!

Sherri is now able to cook almost anything!
With skill and ease!
She is an official graduate of the 
CT LC School of Foodolgy.
Graduating with honors: Mo Beta Fry!

Not that there is anything wrong with the old way...
So Sherri is officially a cook! 
And an awesome one - at that!

30 July 2014

street cred

New kicks.... lol

Not new, but bless her heart

Not new either - 
In-n-Out never gets old.
This is the Flying Dutchman from the Secret Menu

Gruel and unusual punishment 

Not yet Halloween

Heave Ho Crane

Cheap Date

Leaders are Readers - the sign says

Rockwall Court House

Licked to Death by savage pups

Finally some rain - and the temp got below 100!

Cuz it gets pretty hot in the car with the windows up!

The End

28 July 2014

picnic at the arboretum

So Sherri comes over for lunch on Saturday

We went to the Dallas Arboretum

And I thought - why not bring a lunch?

So I nade a little picnic basket

I once bet Sherri $5  that in time,
She would discover (as I have)
That food you make yourself at home
Is Better, Healthier, Cheaper, and even Faster
Than almost ANYTHING you can buy - eating out!

I think she is almost convinced!

These little bottles fit in my cooler

Nice lunch surroundings!

On the way back to my place,
There was this huge Church -

I grew up in the Lake Highlands area of Dallas

Never saw this before!
By now Sherri is used to me taking a picture of everything in the world.
She even suggested we stop here!

27 July 2014

shirataki noodle vs shirataki noodle

Comparing two kinds of "miracle noodles"...
The actual kind and the grocery store kind.

One is ZC (no carbs) 
One has 4 carbs per serving....
Both are made with Konjack Noodles... (link)
Only watch out for soy.
Soy is a sick, rancid chemical, all GMO,
And we don't ever need soy, ever, in any amount.
(Says the former Vegan who once lived on soy!)

Hint: WASH them before you serve them

Made some Zoodles....

Spiral cut Zucchini

Italian Sausage and Brats

Sherri cooks

I prance - after my nearly 20 pound re re gain loss

One kind - more translucent

The other kind - more starchy

No real taste difference

Both make for a great scramble

Fried Tomatoes in Balsamic Vinegar.....
Sausage.... Zoodles.... and Noodles


And dinnah - is - suvved, y'all!

The winner - 
If you are really strict on carbs, get the Miracle Noodles. (link)
If Albertson's in nearby, get the other!